HP Pavilion 15" AMD A6 1TB Touch Laptops

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HP Pavilion 15" AMD A6 1TB Touch Laptops
Price: $359.99
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Condition: New


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What is a USB C exactly? I thought charging through it was only for Macs.

Unless your standards for PC performance are fairly low, I wouldn’t buy this particular machine without also buying an m.2 solid-state disk drive to install in the available m.2 slot. Another 4 GB of RAM would be nice, too, but the SSD would be top priority. You can retain the 1 TB HDD for apps and programs but booting Windows off of the included 5400 RPM HDD is going to be painfully slow.

Why complaining about the lack of SSD while the 15" screen has a 1366768 resolution? I would accept 1600900 and would like FHD, but that’s a dealkiller for me.

You’re right, I didn’t even look at the screen resolution because I assumed it was 1920*1080. This is no kind of deal unless you just absolutely must have a touch screen for some reason.

It never suprises me how all of you complain about the spec, given the price.

Sure, we’d all love a Sunway TaihuLight or Tianhe-2. And yet you would all B***h about it being last years model!

This is NEW with everything a person would actually need a computer for at a price many can afford.

You want an X-Box, go to Toys-4-U or a CAD machine, stop looking here.

Just another typical day of Woot


This ‘computer’ is one step above adding machine.

I went In to Best Buy once in a very long time just to get my god daughter a laptop for college to do the basics. The young salesman said without me asking other than “this is ok for browsing, emails, and typing essays right?” That this laptop is slow and that I should pass on it.
I’ve had desktops running pentium 3s windows ME @933mhz and he’s telling me this 2017 entry level laptop is slow. lol it’s a laptop not a chrome book mind you.
Oh back in my day gas was $0.98/gal.

Sigh, another aging Excavator processor. Old, inefficient and power hungry.

this is a really good laptop
ive been using this laptop like for 6 months now
no issues nothing!
2GHz AMD A6-7310 processor
500GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
15.6-inch screen, Integrated Graphics
2.19kg laptop
for the price range so far ive been really impressed ! really impressive laptop