HP Pavilion 15Z-AW000 15.6" FHD Touch Laptop - Silver

So excited when I opened the box and it worked perfectly! Did something so stupid – threw out the boxes. Every aspect of whatever makes a mouse work (whether bluetooth, wi-fi, or wired) failed completely within 48 hours. I’ve read the FAQs so I suspect I’m stuck donating the cost to Woot/Amazon. It’s been a bad week for digital for me. I suggest you not buy this. For your own sake, buy new. Get something that’s got a warranty worth the time it takes to read. I’m retired. My income is no longer a true in – come. If I’m fortunate it will be a steady amount of money until I die. I didn’t need this. No one needs this. Cordially, bshbsh

I’m sorry for the problem. Have you contacted HP to see if they can help troubleshoot?

If they can’t help, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.