HP Pavilion 17.3” Entertainment Laptop with Blu-ray

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HP Pavilion 17.3" Entertainment Laptop with Blu-ray
$599.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP DV7-4165DX Laptop 17.3" HD LED, AMD Triple Core, 4GB, 640GB, Blu-Ray, 802.11n, Beats Audio, W7HP

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Hi Guys,

I own this laptop, and I just wanted to warn you guys the the batter life on this is horrible(45 minutes) and it heats up badly.

Are there any differences between AMD and Intel CPUs?

DV7’s get 91/100 averages on Alatest. That’s pretty good.

The screen real-estate is awesome but they run hot and will cause you grief down the road if you don’t use a serious cooling pad right from the get-go.

$800 new

I just spent $700 last month on a HP Probook 4710s that Tigerdirect refitted with Bluray, 500GB HD, etc.

However the laptop featured here beats that out of the water. So jealous.

It seems that battery life and charger life are the only downsides to HP laptops.

599.99 for a refurbished notebook with intergrated vidoe and triple core.it is horrible.spec the triple core…Any core 2 duo T serail will run faster than it.

I bought a laptop from Costco that’s very similar to this one during the summer (dv7-4053cl) for $750, and I must say it’s a very good machine. I definitely would recommend this to someone who is looking to replace an older laptop or even an older desktop.

I’d rather pay 604.99 for the typewriter than a HP.


Luggable “desktop replacement” portable PC.

Pro: Fast, big screen. Decent keyboard. Numeric Keypad. Sturdy.

Con: Limited battery life, heavy. 4 Gb of RAM would be better w/32-bit Windows (the 64-bit version it comes with is only an advantage with >4 Gb of RAM). HP’s come with more than usual carpware.

Also: pitifully S-L-O-W W00t! servers tonight…

Can anyone tell me how good the video card is on this thing? I’m computer-stupid. Will it play WoW? Will it play Half Life 2?

Random note on the typewriter pic on the laptop. The keys are offset, and it indicates that a bunch of the typebars are all stuck together. It’s like a kid hit all the keys at the same time and got 'em stuck.

yes, I’m a dork. And yes, I want to read the next d&d saga.

If you buy this pray nothing goes wrong with it. HP has the WORST tech support of any company. Buyer Beware

You obviously don’t know much about processors good sir. My friend owns the 15" version of this laptop, and it trumps any intel that isn’t a quadcore.

Ahh, the D7. Using it now, from Costco refurb for about $30 more than this. Reviews didn’t like the touch pad, but the drivers have been upgraded. Lots of options to turn on or off. I like it. Great sound, some kind of sub woofer underneath. Metal case feels like quality, nice pattern etching. It’s my main computer because it can live under the couch when not needed.

DS has a DV5t that has caused him grief from the first month he owned it. Poor soldering was the culprit for a few of the troubles, now it’s video.

I’m not too keen on HP as pretty as they are & particularly when there’s no way to purchase extended coverage (other than popping on the AMEX)

This looks great but I have a Gateway that I bought 3 years ago for $600. It doesnt match this by any means but I bought it new and have had enough problems with it. I dont trust HP anymore and esp. with a refurb