HP Pavilion 17.3” Entertainment Laptop with Blu-ray

The bees are a lie. Silly Winco.

Great machine BUT use a cooling pad!

Product site: HP.com


Bees? Not BEES?

Remembering the Killer Bees from SNL…

(I know, I’m old time)

I’m currently on the HP Pavilion dv7 with a 17.3" screen, blu-ray, and i7. Love the machine, would recommend it to anyone.

and sting too

Apple MacBook Pro MC725LL/A Laptop

Picture is from Winco; or at least my local one has the exact same thing.


Processor review:


Sorry better deals out there. Check Dell outlet. I scored at 15.6 studio 1558 with i-5 520m, 15.6 1080p screen, back light keyboard, 6gb memory, 5450 graphic card, bluetooth, for $625 with shipping and tax. Plus one year warranty.


Highlights 7 hour battery life
Hard drive and display!


Note that this laptop has both a Blu-ray Player and a subwoofer…!

And just for god measure…

Reviews upon reviews!

Here is another review that really brakes it down. Kinda sad :frowning:

I bought mine new from Best Buy last November for $780. I love it. The fingerprint reader is actually quite useful as a password manager.

Have had a similar HP Pavilion for two years and it is now experiencing severe problems due to overheating. Have always had the laptop elevated for airflow, but it wasn’t sufficient. Seriously - a COOLING PAD. Can’t stress it enough. Then you should be fine.

Lightscribe DVD burner with Blu-ray reading support, but does not burn Blu-ray.