HP Pavilion 17.3” Entertainment Laptop with Blu-ray

Way bigger laptop than I need

is that picture on the screen from Winco?


Gah… I want another BOC… my last one was… crappy

And that’s lunch!



For $100.00 more you can get this at MicroCenter New

mine was full of crap too

The HP ruins it…

It made my day when i opened up the box and found that camo snuggie.

Bought this the last time it came through. Great PC so far. sound isn’t quite what I thought though, not very much control other than volume. and it get’s rattly when your at max volume(thanks to the aluminum case)

I have a nicer version of this with a core i5 and 5470 gpu. The one gripe is that you have to hit the function key while hitting f1-f12. that is where they put your volume controls which take priority apparrently.

So you don’t want us to open the laptop lid or bees will escape, but I have to know, are the bees included in the price? Or do I have to wait for a jar of live bees to show up and buy that to insert into the laptop?

Not a bad machine for the money if you need one with this much Oooomph. Doesn’t take this much horsepower to run a web browser and maybe a little LibreOffice.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay…that’s a wrap for EARLY lunch.

But why the hell would you want to? Even at $499.99, it’s like paying $30/month to rent a laptop, because it’ll only last you 12-18 months before it overheats and melts like mine did and like so many others’ did.

Yes, this is a big laptop, but the price and specs are phenomenal. I just bought one at a local store for $699 and I thought THAT was a good deal. This is even better.
Although I wanted a 15 inch, the specs for the price at what I paid for it was too good to pass up and this, almost, makes me cry.
You can pick up 8G of RAM for less than 100 bucks and you’re off and rolling.

As a Cleveland fan I find this write up to be hilarious