HP Pavilion 17.3" AMD Quad-Core Laptops

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HP Pavilion 17.3" AMD Quad-Core Laptops
Price: $439.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about the processor

It ranks similar to mid-level Intel i5. Just not a Hp fan here. If this was ASUS/Lenovo/Toshiba, I’d be all over it.

Does this work w/ a Mac ?

ducks and runs


side by side… yup…
you can even make the screens face each other … and with a little work, make them make faces at each other…

Got the Red Flyer one! Sexy! My girlfriend got the purple one.

Its currently on Newegg for $425.

[MOD: Ours has a larger hard drive.]

The one on NewEgg only has a 750Gb HDD. Also the upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 is free. One draw back for me is no Bluray support.

A list of APU comparisons from the AMD website.


Tablet is the new PC

I have one of these. The screen clarity is amazing.

Can I play minecraft on this? Can this do itunes? Can I use it as a phone?

Yes.Yes…and Yes(VoIP) if you really wanted to use it as a phone. :stuck_out_tongue: Might look something like this tho…


Another ‘yes’ on minecraft. My son is playing minecraft on a less-spec’d laptop (A6 processor and whatever graphics comes with it). He can even play Skyrim on it, but at the lower (lowest?) graphic settings, which surprised me. With an A10, should be fine.

I have this exact laptop from the last time it was w00ted, but $10 more plus $5 shipping. Great laptop.
Just dropped it yesterday from 2 1/2 feet (the backpack it was in fell off the table). Only cracked a small corner of the outside lid, booted up fine.
First thing I did, though, was install Revo uninstaller, and uninstalled a bunch of the crap trialware that always comes installed on HP stuff.


I looked at adding Bluray to my old laptop, about a year or so ago. Bluray units (read only) for laptops were running about $50 back then. You just need a small screwdriver to fit the faceplate from your current drive onto the Bluray drive.

You can get a nice look at the specs and how they compare here:

Plus, you can compare this processor to your current one here:


No, but if you really *must *Bluetooth, it’s $4~15 to add a USB Bluetooth dongle. Here’s a $10 unit: