HP Pavilion 17.3" AMD Quad-Core Laptops

Using mine right now. It arrived yesterday, and so far so good. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it. But I’ve got steam installed and was playing Portal for a bit. It looks brand new (except where my mouse scratched it) and it runs great. Battery was at about 80% on arrival.

Still not a fan of windows 8.1, but I’m changing what I can where I can.

Had one from about 6 month ago. I have seen times when my WIFI card malfunctions. So if internet is lost in first 90 day warranty expires get it fixed. Has Win8, mine has 64 bit OS, not sure which OS this one has, Quad-Core, needs Office ~+$250 Win7 would cost $100 but do it immediately. to change out to get 16G memory add ~$250. Still a great deal at twice this price which is what I paid.

OK, so I’m a first time Wooter. But this discussion is about an A8(with links to a prior A10) Isn’t this one for an A4? So were there two different HP’s within the last day or so? HELP!

I need this answered too! Was thinking of buying one of the A10 laptops that are on woot’s main page still, and the description on this one suggests that it is the same one, just $100 cheaper, but it also says it has an A4 processor instead! Would love to save $100 bucks, but if I would also prefer the A10. Someone help?

Ok, maybe it does not directly suggest they are the same laptop. I suppose these are from another deal then, even though specs are very similar to the current deal except for the processor. A10 series still looks more appealing to me than this one.

I bought this last week. Specs are a bit different and it is $39 more. Also says it can expand only to 8 gig.

You’re correct. The links for processor benchmarks and the previous sale are to a similar computer with different specs. I’ve deleted those posts now.

This laptop has an A4 processor as noted in the sale.

Processor is stopping me but the price looks good ugh. Looking to replace a gateway i5 2410 4gb ram 500gb hdd win7. Laptop sale on main woot you can still get the a10 for 90 more ohh the options lol.

This might be a dumb question but I’m naive to computer lingo. Does anyone know what the battery life is and does it have an office suite? I need word, excel and outlook.

I don’t know the battery life question but starting with Windows 8, Office Starter is no longer included.

Where do I find an a10 for only $90 more?

Just received my laptop this morning, fast shipping. However “NO BATTERY” BOO!!

Oh dear. Contact HP as they carry the warranty and are responsible for the factory reconditioning. They will have the part to send you whereas we do not.

I believe I need the model # of the laptop, can you provide that info please?

The model numbers can vary on factory reconditioned computers. They are reconditioned and brought to similar specs. If you purchased one, the model number may be on the bottom, under the battery, or maybe in control panel.

I bought this 8/2014 and the graphics have already failed, won’t display a post screen. Yes, I know it is refurbished with a 90 day warranty, but I would have thought it have lasted longer than 20 months. Bad form WOOT!!!