HP Pavilion 17" AMD Dual-Core 2.1GHz Entertainment Notebook

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HP Pavilion 17" AMD Dual-Core 2.1GHz Entertainment Notebook [Refurbished] - $549.99

1 * HP dv7-1245dx AMD Dual-Core 2.1 GHz 17” 4GB DDR2 320GB HD eSATA HDMI Webcam Notebook

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AMD… pass.

My girlfriend has one of these. Pretty good price considering she bought hers for almost $800 or so.

Very well rated / Reviewed @ Buzzillions

it’s $699 new @ bestBuy.com, so this is only a moderately good deal for the refurb.

17" at 1440 x 900? Is this for retirees?

(Yeah, I know, it’s reflected in the price. But seriously, what happened to all the good resolution laptops?)

DV7s get good reviews from Alatest reviewers.

the cute little mice over at sellout would be a good investment if you’re getting any of these.

Not a bad system, but add extra ram, due to the shared memory graphics card.

Not a fan of AMD. No wireless “N” or Bluetooth. Otherwise, a nice machine.

IF ONLY it was intel, I’d bite this in a heart beat.

Coming up next: Microsoft makes a commercial with today’s woot

Well, at least now I’ve heard of Lauren DeLong. I’m sure that will come in handy someday.

64-bit is the way the tech winds are blowing.

I read the print, immediately knew what Woot was referring too, and then I noticed the imdb page on the computer for the actress!
Ha…nice going, Woot.

Got one of these last time, and I think it’s great. Seems to be a really good price as well. I don’t think it has a TV tuner, or I haven’t figured it out yet anyway, but in general, a very nice laptop.

For a refurb that’s kinda pricey imo for the specs. Bestbuy has some laptops on sale usually new with a close pricetag for those on a budget. Specs are about the same to.

Does the HDMI port support sound and video or just video?

4GB RAM? Good Lord, I was excited to have 768kb after my 512kb upgrade.

Jeez I bought one of these very similar last time around. Still waiting for it to come back from HP for the second time for a broken USB port. (BROKEN ON ARRIVAL) Might have been refurbished but they forgot the USB port. They sent it back once after they decided it wasn’t covered under warranty. I had to explain to the “case manager” this arrived broken. Personally I am staying away from HP’s and refurbs.