HP Pavilion 17" AMD Touchscreen Laptops

“Intel Hd graphics”

No. AMD Radeon R3 Integrated.

There’s no non-intel brand (ie: via, qualcomm, rokkchip or amd) cpu with intel hd graphics.

I’m not familiar w/this brand or model.

Can the RAM be upgraded? If so, what is the max?
Can an HDD be added?
Is an AMD A4 processor, although quad core, beefy enough to handle Win10?
How does an AMD A4 processor compare to say an Intel i3? i5?
I’d like to get this as it has features at a price that’s very attractive. DMD

You can upgrade the ram up to 2x8gb sticks on this model, the pavilion 17z. though I dont think it has easy access hatch like most, you have to unscrew some screws on the bottom, then lift the whole keyboard tray area out to access it.

amd has been lagging a good bit to the point where their high end cpus are beaten by core i3’s and their midrange cpu’s are beaten by intel’s value options, celeron and pentium n/g series. the cpu is modern and decent enough for web browsing, note taking, etc. but gaming or content creation/video editing would be a no-go. windows 10 would work, but I doubt it would be flawless on a low end budget amd. most applications dont use more than a single thread, and having four of them in an a4 amd is worse at multitasking than an intel atom quad core despite seeming the same speed on paper. a pentium N series quad core would be worlds better, and a 6th gen i3 dual core (but 4 threaded) would be worlds better.

personally, I’d go for a sixth gen i5 xxxx-hq (x are numbers) to future proof. they’re quad core quad threaded and give great performance on each thread, one of those is almost as good in benchmarks as the high end 4th gen i7’s, like the i7-4710hq. plus you get intel hd graphics 520 which is comparable to nvidia’s 920/830m dedicated graphics, and capable of light gaming and heavy 3d-accelerating web content like webgl, video decoding, etc.

even an i3 or pentium would give better performance.

the a10’s arent that bad though, the high end amd’s are somewhere between an i3 and an i5, single core performance is mediocre, but multi-core performance is alright. for $60 more and no touchscreen you can get http://computers.woot.com/offers/hp-pavilion-17-3-amd-1tb-sata-laptop-1?ref=cp_cnt_wp_3_10

12gb ram (a nice amount for win 10)
1tb hd, and the integrated graphics in the 8700P CPU are one of the better ones of amd’s current lineup. about on par with intel hd graphics 4600 (the 4th gen i7’s integrated graphics, decent enough for a bit of everything in moderation, be it gaming at 720p res with older (2008 and earlier typically) games on reduced settings, video editing, etc.

Personally I don’t get the appeal of touch screen for windows laptops since the UI is clunkier with it than it was before they added it. I also like to have clean fingerprint-free screens. there’s also not really any content on windows worthy of touch-only input.

but if touch is a major need, this one I linked doesn’t have it, but it’s $60 more for more than double the performance.

I know I said the high end amd’s can be beaten by i3’s. they can. in single core performance. they also are typically on par or slightly better in multi-core performance. the a10-8700P and the amd FX-7600P are the only ones that do decent enough in both regards (50-80% single core parity to a mobile i3, and 40-70% multi core parity to a mobile i5)

and they’re cheaper and in this price range

OK. I’m sold on 2x performance. I placed the order about 24 hours ao. Who at woot! can I contact about swapping the order? Oh, and thanks for your effort in response. DMD