HP Pavilion 17” Dual Core Entertainment Notebook w/ Blu-ray


Must…stay…awake…and watch for the Bag o’ Crap…

Ah…Famous Maker Pavilion Notebook.

There’s only like 3 of these right? Yeah? Please

How much for the bowl of whatever that stuff is?

i went to the windows 7 upgrade link and it says they’re not accepting new applications. so uhhh, i guess don’t buy if you want windows 7.

woot is up to something… 6 skewers? 3 monitors?


Sweet deal. Plenty of RAM, Blu-Ray… even though it runs Vista, that thing will be pretty snappy. Admittedly, the screen could have a higher resolution, but it has HDMI out and a graphics card that should be able to drive a nice TV at 1080p. If I didn’t already have a laptop I’d go for it.

Windows 7 upgrade option program from HP is expired. They don’t accept new applications.

there’s probably only 1, some one buy it so we can move on!

ugh, I’m gonna be up all night!

Someone buy this piece of dirt…

fire saleeeee

they should just put up a BoC all day and clean house :wink:

Windows 7 upgrade no longer valid