HP Pavilion 17” Dual Core Entertainment Notebook w/ Blu-ray

Another notebook! Should I still be up…?!

too much

I’m thinking bedtime!

I just know if I go to sleep soon I’m going to miss a BoC. Not just a breakfast of champions either.

Dear Woot,

We already had a laptop, please bring on the monkeys


Some guy who doesn’t want a laptop

Problem is that as soon as you go to bed a bag o’ crap will drop.

Exactly. Happens to me every time

I’m on one of those now, but got mine new a year ago

My mom has one of these, it’s kind of heavy for travel, but it has the BEST trackpad.


I agree, ive been saying one more for 45 minutes lol

OMG! Just found out there was a Woot off! Turned on my Woot lights, and here we go with no sleep. :wink:

Nah, I think you’ll be safe taking a nap.


decreasing the signal to noise ratio

90 day guarantee on a refurb - could be a painful experience

ZERO wooters wooting

only a bowl of cereal can help me sleep tonight…

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