HP Pavilion 17” Dual Core Entertainment Notebook w/ Blu-ray





This would be way sweet as a Roomba…


Heh, this is a better gaming rig than the desktops they’ve been posting!


Is this a good laptop for WoW?


The free Windows 7 link is broken


this woot off seems to be going really slow.

maybe it’s just me.


I bought this for my daughter off ebay for $489 shippied. nice laptop. ok deal.


HP free win 7 upgrade ended in march


Will this laptop entertain me?


Item Netplace


again? really?


…didn’t know if anyone saw the other one.


You better be writing something else before this disappears.

No pressure!


I saw it. but i’m neurotic.


4.25 stars onWalmart.com


These are great! When I use my laptop, I get the sensation of cloning my private parts, as I go on a date with Janet Reno while I’m dressed up as Miley Cyrus.


I got the 1279wm for myself - core2 and 9600gt. the 1561 for my daughter with the 3650.

both play crysis. what is interesting is that they have a second HDD bay so you can expand storage and also a subwoofer underneath. these are true desktop replacements.


Anyone still wanting the DXG v567 camcorder can buy it on Amazon for about $4 more including shipping but I recommend you read all the reviews first.


two years ago my mother got one just like this with the light scribe and the blu ray for less than 350 at best buy for black friday.

this is a ripoff.