HP Pavilion 17" Intel Touchscreen Laptops

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HP Pavilion 17" Intel Touchscreen Laptops
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CPU Benchmarks

Ah. Stupid me somehow read 17" to i7 and was excited.

Very slow CPU with a Passmark score of only 1824 … however, what a bargain for someone who doesn’t need speed. And that’s most of us. Unless you’re playing animated games with great graphics, doing statistical analysis or editing large videos, this should fulfill your everyday needs. It’s more than adequate for websurfing, word processing, watching movies, social media, etc. Niceties include screen size, backlit keyboard and large hard drive. Most budget laptops have small screens, unlit keyboards and a 500gb drive. The optical drive is fine although it doesn’t play Blue-rays. I’m not a fan of touchscreens but it’s nice to have. The screen and keyboard sizes are great but it means the laptop is less portable so keep that in mind if you’re a student. Not too sure about battery life but a slow CPU usually means longer life (although that may be cancelled by the larger screen).

As an aside, this is a great gift for older parents and grandparents. They generally don’t need speed, and the spacious backlit keyboard and large screen are easier on older eyes. And technophobic people often feel more natural with a touchscreen than keyboards and mice.

I currently have an ancient desktop that I rarely use since having an iPhone. However, I mainly would use to print grocery coupons and basic stuff like fb, email and web surfing. How do you print from a laptop? I’m totally clueless.

Sorry that I messed up this post but totally agree with previous one describing slow processor speed but is still quite the bargain because of big HD and RAM. Having a touch screen can be both a blessing and a curse. Don’t plan on eating Cheetos while using. And a BlueRay external RW can be had refurb for about $30 as I just got one so not TOO much of an issue except you have to carry a bunch of extra crap around then. Oh well.

First you would have to “hook-up” the printer to the laptop by opening the control panel and going to hardware and sound -
devices and printers then add a device. You should easily be able to add your printer at this point and I am assuming it is wi fi.

So this is just a Pentium processor unit, not an i3 or i5. Anybody have one of these that can comment on performance or lack of?

This is more like the new version of the Atom processors that Intel used to make. This is a low power budget processor that still does fairly decent. There have been tablets running windows 8 that have half that passmark of 1824 people claim do fine. This is basically core 2 duo territory, if you pair this with a SSD HD, you’ll be surprised how well it will actually do. I refurb old Core 2 duos and add 250GB SSD to them for friends and family that need something to get by with- so I know the performance you can get out of a passmark of 1800/1900 + SSD. Right now you can grab a 250gb Samsung EVO 850 SSD for w/ promo code $75 (Newegg black Friday deal leak)- this is an excellent SSD.

Here’s more you can read about this processor:


Most of what everyone does most of the time should work fine (browsing, Facebook, simple games like Minecraft, picture editing (simple), video streaming. I do recommend changing out the HD for an SSD though, it will make a world of difference.

Probably wouldn’t make a bad Linux laptop if you used a light distro like Lubuntu or Arch.

I wouldn’t throw a full-blown KDE, GNOME or Unity at it though.

Wouldn’t even boot it into Spy10, I’d pull the HD before even trying to boot it.

I run Unity on my Toshiba Chromebook 2, which is 1920x1080 display via crouton, it has 4GB RAM and Celeron N2840 which only has a passmark of 1065. It does fairly well. I even have a dock running with all the eye candy. My son even plays Minecraft on it, and says it’s playable and doesn’t lag too bad. I think today’s laptop specs are fine for running Unity.

Would this run Quickbooks OK? Or would that be slow too?

It might take a little bit to load, but once running should be fine. Especially 2015 or later - they’ve finally addressed some speed issues with the software.

I don’t see a specific model so I can’t look anywhere, but does this has a second internal drive bay?

In my experience, many older parents and grandparents are happier with a Chromebook. Less calls for support and less viruses from going to places that are malicious.

Unfortunately, with refurbished models, the batch may have a variety of model numbers. They are all brought to the noted specs as a minimum.

Totally agree with you! What a great bargain :smiley: I am getting one.

Does anyone know the model of this machine?

this seems like a possible model # based on description:
HP Pavilion 17-g128ds

HP Pavilion 17-g128ds 17.3" Touchscreen Laptop (Cobalt Blue) Pentium 1.6GHz 8GB 1TB Windows 10