HP Pavilion 19.5" AMD All-In-One Desktop

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HP Pavilion 19.5" AMD All-In-One Desktop
Price: $249.99
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Time to learn all about the processor

CPU Benchmarks


lol 1ghz cpu hahahaha

Looking for a replacement for the 24"x36" whiteboard calendar in the hall near our garage door. Keeps track of everyone’s calendar in one place & everyone can see it as they leave the house. This is almost there.
Waiting for the 27" touch-screen one for $189. Definitely in then.

Got one last time, refurb was like new.

Use it for digital audio recording and editing of a weekly radio (real radio, not podcast) and it works fine.

No it is not a speed demon, but I am not a gamer.

Not everyone is a gamer, trust me.

So, dumb question , can this play minecraft? Looking for a cheap PC that can play minecraft and watch youtube, thats it, for a 10yo with autism.

The processor in todays woot does NOT meet the minimum processor requirements for minecraft http://www.game-debate.com/games/index.php?g_id=1235&canMyCpuRunIt=Minecraft

Get this instead for $280 + free shipping.
Acer 21.5" Intel Pentium N3530 2.16GHz All-In-One PC | AZ1-621-UR22

This has a bigger, higher resolution (1920x1080) touch screen. The Acer processor N3520 has a passmark of 1935 compared with the HP processor AMD E1-2500 passmark of 890 (roughly twice the processing power). The Acer will be fine for minecraft- see above link, the N3530 is listed under Pentium mobile.

I am a fan of AMD, and I like a lot of the APU-A10, A8 and even some A6. But the E-series APU are way underpowered for windows machines. The E-series is meant to compete mostly with the Intel Atoms, but they perform significantly worse. Today’s machine has an E1-2500 (passmark 890) and Windows needs more processing power or else it will lag badly. On a budget system a passmark of about 1400 should be about the lowest you should go, anything below that should be avoided. I think the AMD APU-E series is just a waste of time for AMD, they are beat in that category. They need to focus on their A-series APU’s and concentrate on improving them.

These things sometimes break
Best be safe than be sorry
If so, check these links:

HP Pavilion 19-2114 Product Support

HP Pavilion 19-2114 User Guide

Is it easy to connect 3 external monitors to this computer? Thank you.

Another gamer, right?

I’m not a gamer at all. I know Windows. I know that any processor that can’t obtain a passmark of at least 1300-1400 is very sluggish with Windows running just basic programs. Windows has a lot of ancillary background processes that take up resources. It’s not like powering Chrome os.

Funny, I’ve been making a living with PCs since before Windows 3.1. When you match the software to the processor speed and memory, they work pretty well.

Now, if you try to run six programs and everything Adobe makes on this machine at one time, sure will be slow.

But this is a handy machine that paid for itself for me in about four hours.

its not nearly as good as the Acer I posted links to above, well worth the $45 difference in price.

I too have worked on e series amd machines and they are frustratingly slow to say the least.