HP Pavilion 2.1GHz Desktop with Windows 7 Premium

thats the exact computer im on now

So… Buy Windows 7 Home Premium at full price, get a desktop for free!

can anyone recommend a good monitor to go with this that won’t break the bank?

AMD? No thanks.

WooT a nice piece of machinery!

Here’s the HP support page for this: user guide, more specs, etc: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/product?cc=us&dlc=en&product=4011194&lc=en&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN#

I save a similar model- game me problems from day 1. If you’re considering this- also consider an extended warranty.

No HDMI or DVI? thats gross.

amd and no dual core=no way

Here is the HP Customer Care page

Complete with Manuals, How To’s, and Software & Driver downloads…

Direct link to manuals…

Direct link to downloads

Sempron was net-speak for crapola back 5-6 years ago. Epic-Faiil!!

Here is almost the same machine for $180, but it’s not worth even $180.

Be more specific about size. I’d recommend no less than a 17".

Besides, HP wins the prize for Most Carpware on a New PC.

The Sempron, BTW, is AMD’s bargain basement processor. It’s not bad, better than a Celeron (Intel’s bargain basement), but not exactly a desirable modern desktop PC processor. A Sempron 2.1 GHz would be very roughly equivalent to a Pentium-4 2.8 GHz - it would run XP just fine; Vista or 7, no so much.

If you need a cheap new PC, try a NEW laptop with similar specs, except an Athlon-64 (better processor, but still single core), for $300. I’m using its Acer twin right now (though with XP Pro) - no complaints, except a fairly limited vertical viewing angle (you have to tilt the screen right to see it all brightly). My old laptop had a Sempron of speed similar to this Woot, and my current one’s obviously faster (XP, both – all drivers available on Acer’s website).

the box says refurb?

l00k http://sale.images.woot.com/SY33153C_specs7.jpg

I was looking for this exact type of computer. perfect replacement for my 5 year old Dell.

Sempron? They still sell those? The 250 watt power supply seems a bit underpowered.

The 1st two manuals on the HP site for this unit show refurb…

Guessing a newly refurbed unit? :slight_smile:

Unless HP shows the same manuals for all units, since there is a similar manual a bit down the list without the term refurbished.

No DVI, HDMI, No Expansion, 3gb memory, and it’s refurbished … YUCK

wanted 20" , why not recommend higher than 17"? too expensive?