HP Pavilion 2.1GHz Desktop with Windows 7 Premium

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HP Pavilion 2.1GHz Desktop with Windows 7 Premium [Refurbished] - $269.99 + $5 shipping

1 * HP AMD Sempron 2.1GHz, 3GB DDR2, 320GB SATA, SuperMulti DVDRW, Windows 7 Home Prem

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Yes, another one!

Awesome deal. I own two of these desktops and I’ve had the power supply go out on both of them. Probably why these are refurbs. I paid 500 new.

This one again?!
I have had 3 HP computers…hated them all. My cousin has had great luck with his HPs.
I hate my cousin.

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That Bag of Carp deal blows monkey nuts. Who are they trying to kid? This whole woot-off is supposed to generate excitement abut the “Bag,” but if virtually nobody can get one then the payoff is weak and unattainable by the mass horde of wooters. I am done with woot.com and I hope you all will join me. The deals here are not so great that the world is going to stop and take notice. Most of this stuff is junk or refurbished garbage with short term warranty coverage. Join me and STOP WOOTING!

Refurbished garbage. Once again, proves my point.

What is up with these pop ups to take a quiz about woot? I’ve been with you guys since 2004…doesnt that say enough??? I have a black square! I’m addicted!

Wasn’t this post in the last thread? Wow, now Woot even has refurbed comments!

Good ploy to limit the competition for the baguette or crepes in the next wootoff!

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Thats good. Someone is catching on.

BTW it has been amended at the end to comment on the current P.O.C. woot.

Yeah, I am with you - I will stop Wooting right now!! (do you think he bought it? is he gone? Woot - more carp for me!!)

I wholeheartedly agree.

overstock price is 287 plus 3 for shipping. unclevic.com has similar HP 2.2 sempron woth no OS for 180 plus 33 shipping.

Who needs a hug?

Not ready to stop yet, but you do make a point…