HP Pavilion 2.1GHz Desktop with Windows 7 Premium

49ers suck. No Joe Montana or Jerry Rice. No care.

Nope, still here.

That “xD Picture Card (xD = extreme digital)” reader almost makes it worth the $270…

Don’t feed the troll

Yes and that’s almost $20 more. Your point being?

Okay, you can attack me, and you can hate on the 49ers, but shouldn’t you focus the hate at Woot? All I did was make a statement.

Wade, you have a problem with the truth or something? You need to get a life.

go away fuknut

These aren’t bad computers for a kid or (grand)parent to use but are underpowered for almost everything else.

Citizens of Wootkinland…be civil, or I will have to drop a house on you.

Wooting for Bat Capes
JUDY-ism…the Only religion I need!
WWJD…What Would JUDY Do?!

Anybody know the specs on the MB? I am thinking I could upgrade this to a dual-core processor and it would be a pretty nice machine for less than $400. I am wondering which processors it support.

No make me

Why should I hate woot? It hugs my brain. I’m not in it for a bag of crap, I’m in it for the exciting creative product descriptions. I’ll probably be bored after a few days and go back occassionally.

As for going outside, it’s cold and windy and I fear my cats have turned against me and will soon make me eat their own version of “meow mix.”

Irrelevant to the current item. However, since its been brought up, I don’t completely disagree. The B-OC needs to come up a different time other than around 1pm Pacific, though. The problem is that there are now a bunch of people that tune in around that time only. Where’s the love for loyal wooters???

throws a pity party for the woot haters

49ers fans only

Nice website!!! 1993?

TTFN. You’ll be back.

Thank you

We are not understanding why you are still here is all.

You’re the one replying to everyone after you said you were leaving…