HP Pavilion 2.4GHz Quad Core Desktop PC with 24” LCD Monitor

woot off !

Not bad at all.

Dugg for the monster on the screen.

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New HP Pavilion 2.4GHz Quad Core Desktop PC with 24” LCD Monitor, for $999.99 + $5 shipping

  • 1x HP Pavilion M8307C 2.4Ghz/3GB/500GB/24”/TV Tuner
  • 1x W2408H 24” LCD wide-screen monitor with integrated speakers

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I’m $4.99 short.


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HP Pavilion 2.4GHz Quad Core Desktop PC with 24” LCD Monitor
$999.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
products: 1 HP Pavilion M8307C 2.4Ghz/3GB/500GB/24”/TV Tuner
1 W2408H 24” LCD wide-screen monitor with integrated speakers

Long live the Woot-Off !!!

Hmm. Can’t really find good reviews on this one. Sorry guys.


This is a nice computer, only real problem is the video card, and it’s not even that bad. Maybe another PCI slot would be nice, but it probably wouldn’t be needed for too much else.

Does anyone know about the wattage of the PSU on this desktop? How easy/hard is it for me to
install a new graphics card on this machine (for instance, do I have to replace the PSU for
mid-range graphics card)?

ah, comes with vista…i see…

what is a woot off and how do you get there?


Does anyone know more about the TV capture card?

Only UMPC’s are sold with XP now.

Too bad I don’t have $1004.99 in my pocket. If I did, I just might buy this. I like the sweet monitor. It’s bigger than my actual TV!

The only downside is that I can’t put it in my bookbag and take it to class. Well, I could, but that’d be a mess.

Maybe I’ll buy a pack of notebook paper and a pencil instead.

just want to mention that i’ve been in the market for a 24" LCD for quite some time, and I just put together a pc with a Q6700 for my brother.

typically what i’ve found is that the monitors go for 350ish. Vista is going to run you 200 or so, which means that his particular pc costs you 450. The pc i put together for my brother using a bare bones kit from tiger direct costed 500~ after tax and the filler parts. Looks like this will come put together, and save you $50~ + 2 hours of putting the computer together.


So clearly it sucks… Is that what you’re getting at?

Vista is decent with a decent computer, and this one definitely has no problem handling all of Vista’s useless bells and whistles…

Anyway, I have no problem with Vista.

Looks like a great deal, picked one up for my parents because it will last for them for decades. :o