HP Pavilion 23" AMD Quad-Core AIO Desktop

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HP Pavilion 23" AMD Quad-Core AIO Desktop
Price: $339.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4.3 out if 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

Here is the SPEC SHEET and this does have a web cam. Memory is a 1x4 module, comes with some extra software and tilt from 10* to 25*.

Wish the chiclet keyboard and mouse were BT, but can’t have it all in one?

Biggest disappointment to me is that it’s Win 8 without a touchscreen.

I have two touchscreen computers, the only time I have touched the screen is just to verify that that works. I did have problems with the 8.1 upgrade for the 23" (same model, with touchscreen), but otherwise I can take it with me like a laptop. I use the Microsoft keyboard and mouse, which allows me to program the keyboard.

I’m really amused by the high tech design of the unit and then…the corded keyboard and mouse come into view. They really couldn’t go wireless? I would definitely suggest planning on getting a wireless keyboard and mouse if you don’t have one already. Makes things so nice and neat (and easier to manage)

I just Googled “HP customer service reviews,” and the resulting articles weren’t very encouraging. At all. Anyone care to comment on HP customer support?

Does anyone ever really use customer service anyway? If you’re worried about that, get an Apple! o.O

Generally, no. But I called Dell’s customer service once and it was like something out of Kafka.

Thanks for the info!
I was looking for a simple AIO with touch screen for the kiddo to do “art” on. Touch screen AIO of this size attached to an easel or built directly into the room wall is what I’m going for. Perhaps in a few more months one will pop up.

Ditto. Huge miss.

Essentially the same here.

For me, touchscreen turned out to be a novelty that got real old and real impractical, real quick. I often wonder what other people are really, honest to God using touch screen on large format screens for - except pretending to be on CNN. LOL

Having said that, the price is really good for getting 1080 resolution. It’s not clear if it’s 1080p or 1080i but either way, still good.

They would most likely charge $100+ for that when you can purchase both online for much much less. Although there are many who prefer the wired mouse for graphics and gaming use reasons, dpi (dots per square inch) sensitivity issues. However, NOT this mouse! :wink: