HP Pavilion 23" Quad-Core AIO Desktop

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HP Pavilion 23" Quad-Core AIO Desktop
Price: $339.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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So-so reviews (2.7 out of 5.0) over at officedepot.com and check out this “very good” review over at cnet

[MOD: Pls note that the Cnet model has different specs than the one we are selling.]

CPU Benchmark

WIN 8 without a touchscreen monitor is frustrating. Also, not including an HDMI port in 2012 when they made this model was just plain stupid. That 23" screen is limited to PC use only. The cnet review that Con links to does not apply to this model as I pointed out in another post. That post was deleted but the Mod then added that little fact after deleting my post. Others might call that plagiarism but at least people now know that review is not relevant.

I bought one real similar to this from Woot in December, right before Xmas. I didn’t get it until early/mid January and went on a 4 day baja cruise before I could check it out. My brand new “factory refurbished” Woot HP was shit and cost me hours and hours of headaches.

So Woot tells me I have to deal with HP because the 30 day Woot warranty is over(by one day). Thanks, Woot. FU too, but I still love you.

HP customor service(if you can call it that) tells me that my computer isn’t under warranty and they can’t help me. I spent hours and hours with rude/ignorant HP reps and finally agreed to pay them $15/month for an extended warranty that I have to pay for for a full year. i tell them I’m doing so under duress and will prove it’s under warranty later.

So HP determines the hard drive is bad and tells me it’s not covered under warranty. I freak out and speak to all the supervisors I can and we finally figure out the problem. The original buyer of the computer registered it for warranty way before I bought it as refurbished. So I had to send in all my email confirmations from Woot to prove it was new to me.

So HP sends me a new hard drive to install. I pay a friend to do it because I don’t know how to work on an all in one. Now the screen is messed up.

HP won’t give me back my $15/month or fix the computer.Probably because they are going bankrupt and don’t give a crap.

But I will say that the quad core HP that I bought from Woot 3 years ago is working like a champ as I am currently typing on it.

Yesterday, Rebecca(client retention specialist) at HP customer service wouldn’t give me the name of a supervisor, let me speak to a supervisor, would not send me an email saying they made a decision to not give me a refund, said they( a computer company) didn’t have the ability to send me an email from a computer or a smart phone.

So I call Chase to challenge the fraudulent charges. They put me on 3 way with Rebecca and she plays stupid and says her system is down. I chime in and remind her that I just spoke with her 10 minutes earlier. She pretends there is a bad connection and hangs up on us. Chase refunded the money immediately.

F HP! If you see one of the older quad core towers for sale, buy it from Woot. But these All in Ones suck and HP not an honorable company. I’ll be glad to see them go bankrupt and send Rebecca to unemployment. Did I remember to say, F HP!

Pavilion 23 G010 Product Support Page

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No touch, no deal. Love my Chromebook (see current Woot) but I would rather not risk my marriage trying to convert my wife from her crack addiction to Windows…but why in the hell would you buy a computer with hardware that doesn’t match the software environment you are going to reside in? Every last Win 8 non-touch machine should just be recycled…another glorious misstep in our technological history.

I completely disagree. I use Win 8.1 on two computers at work and four computers at home. NONE of them are touch-enabled. In my opinion it’s by far the best OS Microsoft has released to date.