HP Pavilion 32q 32-inch QHD Monitor

HP Pavilion 32q 32-inch QHD Monitor

Why do they make big ass monitors without VESA mounts?
This seems interesting except for that

As annoying as that is, adapters are easy to come by. Check Amazon.

Should we be concerned about a refurbished monitor? I’ve been leery about refurbished TVs…

I was looking for a product number to validate specs from the HP site. Anyone have number?

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Just buy it with a credit card that offers a one year warranty extension. Chase and Amex honor refurbs and will recognize the woot 90 day warranty.

Is there more than one 32Q? I see only 1GZ08AA.

Mine says VESA compatible on it, but I use the stand…???

Yes, but if the price is good enough, i will either buy an extended warranty or even a second monitor is case the first one goes bad.

I am lucky, I purchased 3 HP 27ax refurbished monitors and they have all been perfect and have lasted almost 2 years now with no problems. Of course, you mileage may vary…

I buy tons of refurbished electronics for home and work and maybe got burned once.