HP Pavilion 4GB/1TB Desktop PC

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HP Pavilion 4GB/1TB Desktop PC
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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We haven’t seen enough HP PCs yet, this woot off. Nope.

We haven’t seen enough HP PCs yet, this woot off. Nope.



Brings this woot-off to a grinding halt

again!! ugh

Again? Where oh where is the bag of crap?

This machine is leagues better than my outdated laptop, but sadly, this close to Christmas, I can’t justify spending my entire budget on myself. Curse you, conscious!

Finally. Something to plug my new USB mailbox alert into.

Someone was looking for this…I remember them asking

I feel like I am watching a woot off rerun…

Ummm, these front page descriptions are getting… morbid? macabre? This one is particularly upsetting.


I’m pretty sure this can be hacked to raise your mailbox flag.



blink and it’s gone! i could’ve used this, had I not spent so much on mice and mailboxes.

De Ja Vu did I go back into time…

another PC? looks like nap time