HP Pavilion 500 Intel 1TB SATA Desktops

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HP Pavilion 500 Intel 1TB SATA Desktops
Price: $379.99 - 549.99
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Time to learn all about the processors and lets learn all about USB 3.0

Would the i7-4770 (500-277c)model be a good option for upgrading? I have a GTX 760 and a 750W PSU in my 2009 HP Pavilion Elite, this may be a good option for a base build, as it already has the memory, processor, HD, DVD, operating system, etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

First off whats your current hardware and secondly what do you want to do with it?

Also really HP you were too fregin cheap for front panel 3.0 ports?

[MOD: Front are USB 3.0]

Thanks! General work stuff - I do a lot of terminal server remote work, plus gaming (World of Tanks mostly). HP Pavilion Elite e9230f, Intel Q8400@2.66ghz, 8 GB Ram, Windows 7 Home Premium.

I don’t think your going to see much advantage over an i5 for you usage case you could build a diy system for a similar amount of money with a i5 4690k and see better performance do to the higher frequency. Its also entirely possible that your gpu and power supply won’t fit in the hp case in which case your out another 50 bucks or so for a new one other then those reservations its a decent machine for the price.

Edit: you could also build a diy machine with a locked i5 for less and get similar performance the i7’s hyper threading really doesn’t do much out side of stuff like video rendering and file compression.

Awesome, thanks! That is what I needed to know.

CPU passmark on Q8400 is 3236.
CPU passmark on i7-4770 is 9943.

Personally, I think it’s worth the upgrade as your machine is 5 years old.

Buy a Samsung EVO SSD (120 or 240 GB) and keep the 1 TB drive as secondary drive and you will have a very fast machine. Add a discreet graphics card to play 3D games.

Surprising the 500-277c model only has 2 RAM memory slots instead of 4 slots for this class of a system.

If your going to buy one of these oem machines I’d say get the i5 it doesn’t thrill me that its an s series part which means it clocked lower to keep the tdp down but its not a huge deal. I’d get the i5 and put the difference towards an ssd you can get a crucial mx100 256gb for about 110 dollars and it makes a fantastic upgrade over a spinning disk.

Passmark is a well threaded benchmark that fully utilities hyper threading most games don’t take full advantage of 4 threads much less 8 an i5 is king as far as gaming goes.

Its an oem system… they cut corners where ever they can note how none of them have front panel usb 3.0 ports

[MOD: Front panel are USB 3.0 Zoom in and you will see.]

Front Panel:
Multimedia Card Reader: (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MS, MS Pro)
(2) USB 3.0

(Not that I disagree with the point that this machine is likely to be made with the cheapest parts that mean minimum specs. But at least it is alleged to have the front panel USB 3.0 ports.)

Hun… In my defense according to the spec usb 3.0 ports are supposed to be blue for this very reason.

Edit: you can even see the little SS super speed logo in the pictures still not blue thought.

What model of graphics card do you have? While these towers are not tiny, they probably won’t fit a long-body graphics card, plus the cabling and space issues in OEMs is a frigging nightmare.

If you have a much older graphics card, an upgrade to a low-to-medium end modern card may be a similar performance with added bonus of smaller size and heat management.

Specs say the front panel ports are USB 3.0. They’re just not blue in the pic for some reason.

Some links…

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HP Pavilion 500-277c Product Support
Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide
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you really don’t want windows 8 in an hp… when the usb ports are disabled you have a lou gherrigs computer… no input from outside…think about

Hi, all!
I’m looking to move on from my old Dell Studio 540. I’m mainly going to use the new PC for managing media for my home network.

Question: will the Intel Core i3-4130 @3.4GHz be powerful enough to transcode blu-ray quality video via TVersity in my home (wired) network? The CPU in my Dell is currently the weakest link I think, and I’m trying to figure out if the i3 is good enough and if paying an extra $200+ for an i5 or an i7 would be overkill.

Thanks in advance for your help!