HP Pavilion 510 AMD A12 1TB SATA Desktop

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HP Pavilion 510 AMD A12 1TB SATA Desktop
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Main description and features both say 16GB RAM. Specs says 12GB. Which one has their pants on fire?

Is there is DVI video port as well as VGA?
And what about that memory question already posted?
Specs say 2 memory slots. Is one available?

Does it really have the Bang-Olufsen audio? The image has the B&O logo on it but the spec doesn’t mention it.

see update below regarding ports, not sure there is a VGA port

The point of more memory slots is moot. 16GB is more than enough memory for this caliber of machine. Anyone who thinks they need more memory than 16GB should be purchasing a higher end machine. This benchmarks around what the new I-3s benchmark at. It’s respectable but not worthy of more than 16GB ram. Putting the OS on an SSD drive will give you WAY MORE performance than increasing the ram- spend you $$ there.

The B&O play audio is generally found on the HP-550s (not the HP-510- I think the photo may be wrong). I wouldn’t be too upset though, they do this “branding” all of the time- it’s purely marketing. The digital audio is all pretty similar regardless of branding, until you start using separate high-end audiocards. Even then, most will never hear a difference unless you have a $400 set of headphones or a $1000 set of speakers.

Now you will see everyone slapping their name on laptops regarding sound from B&O, JBL, Harmon Kardon and even Skull Crusher. It’s all marketing. There’s nothing magical.They throw a little speaker in there EQ it out their own way and it is done. The same thing could happen from a no-name company with decent engineers, it just wouldn’t have the marketing label on it. I guarantee if you showed someone 2 laptops with exactly the same audio built in, but one had branding labeled all over it- they would say the branded one sounded better.

It’s 16GB. Everything is correct now.

Make sure you look at our specs. That will be the most accurate. We have to use stock photos most of the time.

Memory question has been answered. With Factory Reconditioned units, the available slots might vary from unit to unit.

Go by our specs. We often have to use stock photos.

Price Lowered
We’ve just lowered the price on this unit. If you already purchased, the money will hop back into your pocket soonish.

Thanks – my question about slots was based on the conflicting amount of installed memory – if it were actually 12GB instead of 16 and both slots were filled, it would be more costly to upgrade. And yes, the specs say there is a VGA but not DVI. However, I think there is a DVI connection on the graphics card. Not a deal-breaker.

I don’t this the VGA is active because it’s off the MB (of course you can always use a DVI to VGA if you had to, but in this case you wanted a DVI hook-up. If this is truly 510-p127c http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05281246
go to that link and look under video graphics- Radeon R7 450 and you’ll see:
Rear I/O connectors: DVI + HDMI + DisplayPort

The MB only has 2 ram slots and they are each filled with 8GB

Should it be Radeon 450 or Radeon 250? I don’t think 450 was ever released

Says it was here.