HP Pavilion 510 AMD A12, R7-450 Desktop

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HP Pavilion 510 AMD A12, R7-450 Desktop
Price: $349.99
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I used to love HP. My dad retired from there back when Hewlett and Packard were still running the company. Unfortunately, in the last 5 years, their quality has gone below what I can support. Even my dad’s last computer was a Dell.

I agree for certain lines of the product. I have purchase many HP computer [9 of them from woot] and have had ZERO issues and ZERO returns. The computer I am using right now an HP Pavilion Elite m9040n was purchased here on April 17, 2008 and its still running great after an upgrade to SSD drive and Windows 10 Pro.
HP Pavilion Elite m9040n. I have found the quality of their product depends on the sum of the parts used. Another example is this HP HP Pavilion 500-056 purchase November 1 2013. It is no longer being used not because the PC broke but because it does not work with windows 10 and because of the mother board limitation can not take more then 4 GBs or ram.
HP Pavilion 500-056 Desktop

Bottom line is you need to look at the parts used to build the PC to make an educated purchase. I always look for a PC that can take memory upgrades to at least 16Gbs now had at least 8 GBs or ram included and has both USB 3.0 and WIFI with Bluetooth support.

As for this particular PC, it only has 2 ram slots and support up to 16GBs. The picture of the back side is confusing to me since it seems to have both an internal tradition power supply and a slot to plug in an external power supply like the ones used for Laptops. This model most likely is using a laptop motherboard, not a deal breaker but for my money this is not a deal. The same computer with 16GBs of ram already installed can be had at Amazon.com for $50 more but IMO it not a deal, its just a good price.
HP Pavilion 510-p127c Desktop PC

Quality is determined by the parts on the inside, not the label on the outside.

AMD processor, not sure what the hard drive is. SATA for hard drive is good.

I think its descent for the price w/64bit Windows 10.

I upgraded to 8/10 from windows 7 and like the newer much better. Less errors etc…

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I saw the specs say 180w power supply and I was wondering what kind of mobo uses a 180w PSU.