HP Pavilion 510 Intel i5 12G RAM Desktop

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HP Pavilion 510 Intel i5 12G RAM Desktop
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Anyone know if this has space for a 2d hard drive? Can’t tell from the specs whether the slots are occupied or free.

CPU Benchmarks

From HP’s page …
… it doesn’t appear to be. More specifically, the motherboard …
… appears to only have two SATA ports.

The motherboard does list a M.2 slot, however. Also another option is to replace the optical drive with a 2.5" drive in a caddy. Do note that you’re on your own with all this, though.

Huh…, roughly about the same score as an AMD A10 7870k but consumes much less power.

The 180W power supply and the small round hole indicates to me this is one of those PCs with a laptop mother board. For this price break that kind of setup IMO is not worth it as it is very limited.

We’ve been looking for a desktop that we can network everyone’s laptops to for storage, as well as for using the big screen as a computer. Would this be worth the price?

If you’re looking for centralized storage, the 1TB hard drive may be a limiting factor.

Per HP’s documents (linked in my previous post), the motherboard is a micro ATX and the power supply is internal.

The pic is a stock image, hence the confusion.

Its probably a MiniITX board. If it were a laptop board the processor would have an M suffix, the T suffix means its a low power desktop chip and IMHO kills any deal here. They’re calling it a 6th gen i5, but it’s not performing like a 6th gen i5.

Micro ATX per HP’s documents (see my previous post.)

I’m going to add an 120G M.2 drive for about $60 and boot W10 on it- that should get boot time down to about 10 seconds and use the 1TB drive for media. Have to be or get a geek to do this however.

where does it say M for laptop or T for low power?

Biggest concern I’d have is power supply and Intel 530 onboard graphics. If your graphics board takes a dump, you (likely) only have a half-size slot to put a new card in, and the 180W power supply probably will not support it. Thus, you really need to be able to upgrade the power supply (250W or higher) in the same form factor and connectors to justify buying one of these. Otherwise, if the Intel graphics goes, the entire thing basically becomes a paperweight.

Does anyone know what the actual power supply p/n is here, and whether there is a higher power version that can be swapped in? There almost always are small form factor graphics boards which would be comparable and even a step up from the Intel 530, but you most likely cannot power them with this system w/o a power supply upgrade as well.

In the title for the product, the CPU is listed as i5-6400T

The graphics board is actually part of the CPU not the motherboard. If the graphics board takes a dump then the entire CPU has taken a dump. Just replace the CPU with an identical model and you are back in business.

Actually the i5 6400T is a socket 1151 desktop processor not a mobile processor. So you can actually squeeze a lot of effort from this CPU, even with the 180 watt psu.