HP Pavilion 510 Intel i7 2TB SATA Desktop

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HP Pavilion 510 Intel i7 2TB SATA Desktop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU is just barely better than a I5 or an AMD: PassMark - Intel Core i7-6700T @ 2.80GHz - Price performance comparison

Also: HP Quality SUCKS!

Also, Also: Probably a reason these have been offered three times already this year as refurbs…

$500 for yet ANOTHER refurbished computer? Does Woot only sell refurbished tech since Amazon bought them? Seems so. And no graphics card. LOL pass

This is a basic desktop.
No we don’t wanna swap.
It is a refurb you see,
but it has a guarantee.
So buy one from our shop.

So is this overpriced, or just not a good option? I need to replace an old work computer. Can I find better in this price range, or is this just what you get for the price?

If were comparing vs the i5-3570k is almost 20% lower (9056 vs 7138) than the this.

If your comparing vs the FX-6350 the single thread is again around 20% lower (1972 vs 1505).

I checked newegg/best buy for a FX-6350 PC. Neither had one so I went to PC Part Picker. The price to build a FX-6350 isn’t much different than this desktop ($491). It would be missing bluetooth, keyboard, and a mouse.

This is an OK computer. Having no idea what type of work you are doing I would guess it is overspecced. I prefer i5 processors to i7. The 12GB is also likely more memory than you would need.

If I needed a new DVR for cameras this wouldn’t be a bad buy.

It really depends upon the programs you need to run for your work. If you are running Office and Quickbooks, this one is overkill and HP is not the most reliable brand. An i5 with 8 gigs, Win 7 or 10 Pro and a TB hard drive are enough to cover most office work admirably for the foreseeable future. This is way more than most need.

If you are running high level graphics and rendering video, you will need to add a graphics card to either an i5 or i7 computer.

On the other hand, $499 isn’t a ridiculous price for more computer than you need and HP doesn’t have very many proprietary parts that you can’t replace.

No graphic intensive stuff. Office, QuickBooks, lots of web surfing and some skype and other vid streaming.

So its really not a bad price then. and you don’t have to build it or search for drivers.

It isn’t bad. I wouldn’t call it a steal though. I checked BestBuy just be cause it is easy. I found this PC that isn’t quite as good, but it is new vs refurb. So for $20 less with Woot you get twice the amount of storage and a better processor.