HP Pavilion 550 AMD A8 Quad-Core Desktop

CPU Benchmarks

This is much the same as the Pavilion desktop on main Woot last week. Soldered-on processor, only two memory slots, no expansion slots, no available SATA ports, 100BaseT networking. As user TexasTwister put it, this is basically low-powered laptop hardware in a desktop case. Can’t add a better video card, can’t add a better network card, can’t upgrade the memory without throwing away the memory it comes with. It’s appalling that the HP brand is being put on machines like this.

Here are the full specs if you want to see: http://support.hp.com/hk-en/document/c04691974

Another external 65W power supply? Another laptop pretending to be a desktop? Why has Woot been flooded with these lately?
So many questions, so few good computer deals anymore when I’m actually looking for one.

Not sure if you have been reading the news and articles lately, the new trend is soldered on CPUs…I really hope it doesn’t catch on…

My thanks for the kind reference.

This might work as a low end HTPC system, however if that is the intention there are other, superior alternatives.

For instance:
An Etch A Sketch
The Viewmaster
Shadow Puppet Theater

They all put this phony “desktop” to shame.