HP Pavilion 580-010 Intel i3 7th Gen Desktop

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HP Pavilion 580-010 Intel i3 7th Gen Desktop
Price: $499.99
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Condition: New


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8/22/2018 - $549.99 (Woot Plus)

Ah yes, a “gaming desktop” with no dGPU…

They left out the GPU. Otherwise a decent desktop

To call this a gaming desktop is a stretch by any measure … Evaluate it based on the specs and price, but don’t expect to play any serious games on it …

There is nothing that even remotely qualifies this to be called a “Gaming Desktop”. No dedicated graphics card, No SSD, Near 2 year old I3 processor, Only 8 gigs of memory, a 300 Watt power supply. This is a general use family room computer. Nothing more nothing less. I would think you could get something with these specs on closeout at microcenter for at least a hundred bucks less.

Here’s this one with a newer I5 processor and similar other specs for 80 less


And here is a “real” bare bones gaming setup for the same price


HP is advertising this as a PAVILION - that’s been home and home office use since inception

who exactly is calling this a gaming machine


This machine is missing an important part to make it relevant as a desktop bought new in 2018. #1 and in my mind most important for a new PC today is an SSD drive. Any PC using a traditional large SATA HD will seem slow compared to our tablets and phones. Not enough bang for the buck here. Definitely not a gaming PC without a SSD or Discrete Video Card.

So I was curious and googled my old GTX 760 vs the intel HD 630 graphics in this thing and my ancient card is like 3x as powerful, which is nuts. I thought maybe integrated graphics had come further than I thought and that’s why this was being called a gaming pc, but guess i was mistaken. Unfortunately, this always have the bare minimum for a power supply so limited upgradability unless you start replacing half the parts.

Bummer. The case doesn’t look bad. Usually these prebuilts are LED covered monstrosities.

(For anyone that doesn’t keep up with Nvidia cards, it went 700 series, 900s, 1000s thru the bitcoin craze, and now 2000s. It’s fairly old card)

i3 u have to kidding!

i7 yes.

This kaby lake i3 is roughly equivalent to my older sandy bridge i5. It’s not really that bad.

It’s advertised as HP Pavilion Power 580-010 Gaming Desktop, Intel i3-7100 3.9GHz Dual-Core, 8GB DDR4, 1TB 7200RPM SATA HDD, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Win10Home. So… woot is calling it a gaming machine.

And if Honda decides to call an Accord a sports car even though they don’t change a thing, it is still a family sedan. A products traits determine it’s classification not what some manufacturer call it.

That’s true, but highonpinkcrack was wondering why people were talking about this machine like it’s supposed to be a gaming machine.