HP Pavilion 590-P0041C AMD 2TB Desktop

HP Pavilion 590-P0041C AMD 2TB Desktop

This does not come with the Wireless they claim, its Jerry Rigged Wireless system mostly consisting of a wire, which if the wire is broken in transportation means this item has no Wireless! Do not try to attempt to return it over this issue, they will just ignore you! Also warning the 2 TB hard drive with this model is not known for being particular reliable either…

The HP warranty expired back in January!! Likely all the computers off this site warranty has expired so if they claim you can contact HP with returning the item… They are utterly lying too you… And expect that Woot will just do bold face lies at this point!!!

Hi there. I’m sorry for the issue with the internal wireless.

Who is ignoring you? I see that Woot CS has answered you numerous times over the last 3 days and given you multiple options - some of which are exactly what you were requesting.

As to the warranty, it just needs to be reset by registering your computer.

Here’s the link.

I tried now since Monday to get a return label for this exact product they claimed last night they were sending it. They didn’t I complained to Amazon about it also now. If this isn’t addressed soon I will be issuing a formal statement with the BBB, grasp woot cares nothing for customer but Amazon Does… so enough people talk about enough issues with BBB and you get on their naughty list Amazon going to start firing you customer service team… the ball is in your court to just send me the return label

I did that once with a different site which had given me a $50 gift card in a contest, complaining that the code didn’t work.

They replied that I was trying to scam them, disabled the code, refused to give a new one, and ignored all of my emails.

And can’t you just get a return email from their automated system?

Ya, if you don’t take their discount with glee they will just ignore you, I have an Amazon prime account so I went to their chat in Amazon and issued a complaint against woot customer service. If you have a prime account maybe talking to them might get the customer service on here better. Just me doing it they can say I’m a one off, though everyone with an issue and a prime account and they will likely get fired for being this bad! Amazon actually cares about the customer. This company is owned by Amazon

Look, I asked now for 5 days to get a return Label for the computer only to be ignored…

Order Date: Feb 21, 2020
Order Number:645xxxxx

Shipping To: xxxxx

I bought a decent level from you people. You either have a rouge employees who out of ego mess with me as a customer… Or its your policy to F with customers when they try to return items… But you lost me as a customer due to this so maybe you are a good person Thunder, but whomever I got is a dick, and cheers I can be one too… Yet 5 days of rejecting me a label… Piss off mate. that is utterly a joke… this site clearly doesn’t give a damn about customers. Woot going to be like overstock… You going to be popular until you burn too many decent buyers and we are just going to never come back… And in a year or two, this site is going to be dead, decent deals be damned… Have a Great one Thunder, nothing against you personally… Whomever is dealing with me as customer service sucks… I’m chef, customer service actual means a great deal in my world… Doesn’t seem to matter one bite here though… Have a great life, I utterly give up with you Tomorrow I will be writing a complaint to the BBB cheers!

[MOD: removed identifiying information]

A 2nd return label was sent to you this morning. This is in addition to the one you self created yesterday.

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in a year or two, this site is going to be dead

Preach it man, I’ve been saying that for 13 years. Any day now…


LMAO, at what point you think Amazon going to come down hard on the crap customer service.

South Park Chef just proves a man who can cook is a true ladies man even if that man works at an elementary school… However enjoy the meals you once had, by top chef cause the industry going to be dead for who knows how long after the pandemic… Get used to McD’s

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I like McD’s.

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Hell. Yeah. You can get it delivered now too.
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