HP Pavilion 690-0020 AMD Ryzen 5, RX580

HP Pavilion 690-0020 AMD Ryzen 5, RX580

FWIW, this actually comes with a RX580 (per the features) not a RX550 (per the header).

Adding memory is a must; HP’s use of the 2400G means 2 GB of RAM is automatically reserved for the APU, even though it’s not used because this has a separate GPU. Adding a NVMe SSD will make a world of difference versus the stock hard drive too.

Thank you! I’ll ask the computer team to verify and correct if needed.

Update: Updated. :slight_smile:

I’ve received the machine and checked the warranty status with the include HP tool. It says the warranty expires 2/3/2020, which is only 30 days after purchase, not 90, as the listing (and the shipping box) say. Somebody has made a mistake, I hope.

Hi there. Register the computer with HP. That should reset the warranty to you. Warranties are initially set to the seller.