HP Pavilion 690 AMD Ryzen 7 Gaming PC

HP Pavilion 690 AMD Ryzen 7 Gaming PC

Eh, can get a better PC for this price point. The main issue is the Radeon rx550 is a dated entry level video card.

There’s also not a lot of expansion capability in this machine and it only comes with a 300W Power Supply. I’m not sure if you can replace it with a standard, higher watt one or not.

The AMD Radeon 560 came out a while back as a new entry level option and has twice the processing power as the 550 for only about $50 bucks more than what the 550 is selling for.

Man, the lack of upgrade ability kills this for me. I need a blu-ray drive and I need space for at least 1 additional drive. (3-4 TB) for my video work. Sucks because this processor and video cards should scream at video processing.

Calling a PC with a RX550 a gaming PC is a bit of a stretch. Lack of a SSD is also a major negative. This is a functional PC for most daily tasks but not for gaming. Parents do not buy this for your children. There would be major disappointment.