HP Pavilion AMD 2.8GHz 5600+ Desktop Computer


OMG I paid 429.99 for this when it was on sellout.woot on 5/29!
Now I feel ripped off! Of course it sold out in 10 seconds!!!

Hey woot, you guys offer a price protection guarantee!?!
How about a coupon for this woot addict?
At least hook me up in my BOC?


Was yours reflurbished too? If so, how’s it been running?

Refurbin’ the refurbs maybe???

Bought this back in Feb for 100 bucks more. It’s been great. No problems at all and it was a refurb.

AHA! That’s the difference… no, wasn’t a refurb. 5/29 units were new.
Ty for making me feel a little better :wink:

Got mine back in Feb and it’s been great. It was also a refurb

These new HP keyboards are annoying. I’m typing on one right now. The keys are too short, and it feels flimsy, like I could crack it in half over my knee with little effort.

Ah, thanks for both replies from the prior wooters.

Do you run any gaming on it or just general stuff? I’m wondering about the onboard video capability.

Which is why you should have bought the wireless microsoft setup a few days back! GREAT keyboard / mouse / VALUE! I should have picked up a few spares, but decided against because the only problem I’ve ever had with one of mine (3 sets) was when someone stole one of them off my desk at work! Very reliable package.

Just bought one, been needing a new computer, price is right.

Does anyone know if these are upgradeable to Windows XP?

Looks like Newegg has one almost just like it except with a 500 gb hd…


My kids do! But personally, my gaming consists strictly of on-line poker…
it can run the hell out of a poker site :wink: But not very graphics intensive…
Haven’t heard any complaints from the kids though, so I guess it can do the
other stuff as well :wink: HTH

The motherboard does completely follow the µATX spec, it is missing hole S If you need to move the motherboard into a new case you need to make sure the standoff at position S is removable. This isn’t a problem with ATX cases only µATX cases.

Hey, kids -

If we need to return something, we should send an email to rma@woot.com, right? I sent an email 6 days ago and haven’t heard from them…

Don’t think Mama Gates (the mother) will let you unless you had Vista Business or Vista Ultimate; even then, I think he charges money.

This is probably why he could afford to retire - he locked in that last trillion in nest egg money from anticipated rollbacks to XP…

I suggest upgrading the video for gaming. You may have to upgrade the power supply too.

More on the graphics.

Here’s the computer’s page on hp.com, including how to downgrade to XP.

Very nice system. These shouldn’t last long.

VISTA PREMIUM is almost $300 by itself.

I never came across a Vista desktop that couldn’t be upgraded to XP.