HP Pavilion AMD 2.8GHz 5600+ Desktop Computer

Good, but not great deal. If you added a video card w/ at least 256MB (can be had for around 50.00), it would be a decent gaming machine. Also, Vista is not the ‘boogeyman’ everyone makes it out to be. I have both Vista and XP in my home and there are benefits over XP (never thought I would say that!). It is not stable, better at memory management ect. My son has an older and slower HP model with 256MB video card and is running Halo for Vista extremely well. Graphics look exceed the Xbox 360 version. I have been an IT consultant for 25 years.

i switched the keyboard, some keys would get stuck. bad for playing some games. using the keyboard i got from woot for $1.

integrated… ewww

ya you can forget about playing any serious games. You would definitely need to upgrade the graphics card.

What is it with woot and HP ? Has woot become an official HP reseller ? Hey, I would like to have one of those HP 24" 1200 line LCD screen. Can you guys do something about it ?

If the specs say what I think they said (89w) then upgrading the power supply seems like a given period. Do these machines use standard ATX or micro ATX power supplies?

There is no such thing as a µATX power supply.

The specs don’t mean what you think they said. 89 watts is the power the processor draws from the power supply, not a spec for the power supply.

The official last day you can buy XP was June 30th.
You csn no longer buy pre-installed XP on machines. And next year they will stop offering tech support. XP updates and bug fixes will continue to 2014 tho.
If you can imagine yourself still running XP in 6 years (if they don’t fix Vista’s conflicts or offer drivers run it hehe)
But some Manufacturers offer a downgrade option to XP for a price.

Not sure if HP is one. Better call and ask. Especially on a refub.I strongly suggest you call if you want to run XP. Some machined have propiatary OS requirements like Sony. And you can not install downgrades. Only upgrades. Like Windows Media 2005 can not be downgraded to XP Pro. It wont instll! And if you have an exteneded warranty like I do. It voids it if you install your own OS. Yes folks, my Sony’s bought and paid for but Sony can tell me what OS or upgrades I can put in my machine until my warranty runs out. No bigger video card, no installed larger HDD’s only external and my only choice is Windows Media or Vista. I’ll stay with WM. at least SP3 works on it.
Its one of the rare liquid cooled P4-3.6 with 500GB raid dual 250GB SATA drives.
I **could install 2 more SATA drives one more RAM chip. and put in another PCI-E video card. but if it ever needed servicing, I’d have to pull out the HDD’s the video card before you have the guy come out. (yes I still get in-house servicing unless it has to go in shop. Then they gurantee 5 days or less or they replace, or refund purchase price)
I had another of these liquid cooled ones, I cold for more than I paid used $750 for. I had it loaded with 2 TB of HDD a 512mb ATI video card. The only limitation is it only has 2 RAM slots. So even if you did upgrade to Vista 8GB is out.
Its awesome tho. So quiet, no CPU fan. I sleep 3’ from mine.
But I love the white noise of my puters. If its not humming. I can’t sleep.
I have 2 fans in my room and central air. And perfect hearing.
I can hear things outside hext door. Like my cat crying.

So, back to the point. Call first thing. Of course it’s only a 90 day warranty.
So you can buy extended warranties elsewhere. Umm don’t know if Woot will ley mention company name. But starts with “S” and mentioned on eBay and Amazon.

It’s kinda square where you trade for it. And it’s highly recommened for refurbs
You pay 10% of purchase price.
You can extend up to 2 years on refurbs 3 on new stuff

Downgrade info for XP

2014 updates onfo

I buy warranties on everything here.
It’s all from China, made to break or 99% of it

Any computer allows some other option for graphics cards

Hmm. Better late than never :slight_smile:

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Refurbished HP Pavilion AMD 2.8GHz 5600+ Desktop Computer, for $ + $5 shipping
Product: 1x HP Pavilion A6230N Desktop PC - Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 5600+, 3GB RAM, 400 GB HD, Vista Premium

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Nice deal…my wife’s old and extremely slow P4 Dell 4550 is on it’s last leg. this will make a good replacement for the basic computing she does, and I can mess with the media center features.

Last wooter to woot: ckbwoot

I checked and our system received the message but it looks like it was put into the spam filter. I read through it and put in a replacement order. In the future, please write to service@woot.com. Thanks!


You sound a little like an Apple fan boy looking at his overpriced iPhone after just hearing that Apple cut the price by $200 30 days after you waited 5 days on line to be the first to purchase the latest Steve Jobs over priced style job.

No, sorry, that’s a little harse. I apologize.

This looks like a great deal! If I didn’t already have four computers at home right now I’d pick one up. Needs a video card and a wireless card but that’s about it besides the monitor.

How do those Pocket Media Drives work on HPs? They really push them but I’ve never heard of anyone using them and I’m guessing they’re expensive. Are they just a notebook harddrive or a big flashdrive?

not bad for the price. specially if its just for e-mail and moderate movie watching.
though as many said, it will need a good video card and psu to run games well. forget TF2 on anything higher than low settings and 1024x768 with this rig :frowning:

So, since it’s not specified, I assume this is 32-Bit Windows? Wouldn’t you want 64-bit windows with a 64-Bit system :open_mouth:


does it matter? The PC2-5300 DIMM memory only supports 667MHz transfer anyway…


That is NOT true. These fuckers. I bought mine on 5/29 too…those were ALSO refurbs. I got screwed out of $50. I really hate this site sometimes.

But trust me, I am staring at the cardboard HP box that it came in right now, and it clearly says in big black letters “REFURBISHED.” We got hosed.

OK, so I found the difference - the ones that we bought on 5/29 are 600GB Hard Drive. Unless it’s a typo, the one listed here is a 400 GB HD. That is the ONLY difference that I can find. Unless I am missing something, we paid $50 for another 200 GB of HD.

From Yahoo (http://shopping.yahoo.com/?name=woot#woot): “Good news for the uncyberfied! Now you too can own a computer – specifically, the HP Pavilion A6230N! And if you keep it for ten years, it’ll cost you barely a penny a day! (You still have to pay for it all at once, though.)… Read more”

The math is completely wrong. It’s more like 10 cents+ a day.