HP Pavilion Athlon Dual Core 5000+ Desktop Computer



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pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 HP Pavilion a6130n Athlon 2.6GHz Dual Core 5000+ Desktop Computer
condition: Refurbished

$439.99 + $5 shipping


core 2 dual?


How do you get 3GBs of RAM with 4 slots of memory?


No, AMD x2. It’s kind of intel’s rival.


Three strikes - AMD processor, HP and refurbished.


2x1GB + 2x512MB = 3 GB in 4 slots - dual channel even.

Basic math … try using it sometime.

It was probably a 1GB machine with a 2GB upgrade applied to make it sellable.


3 single 1 gb chips not in dual channel


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How euphemistic.


1Gb + 1Gb + 512Mb +512Mb = 3Gb


3 1gb sticks
2 512mb sticks & 2 1gbs
1 2gb & 1 1gb
1 2gb & 2 512mb


It’s strange but all the prebuilt HPs like this offer 3GBs ram. I do wonder what the configuration is. This is a pretty sharp deal, but I dont know much about AMD processors so we will see what the tech snobs think of this one.


Why would they do that? It’s like purposely making it harder to upgrade.


Circuit City has an A6230 in their outlet for $659 with very similar specs.


I would buy this as a good back-up gaming computer, but right now I’m saving up and building one for about $1100.

So, tempting, sellout.woot, but sorries, I’m saving up…


soup up the specs while getting rid of the lower capacity ram sticks. Its pretty typical, like when i got a macbook 2 years ago and it came with 2 256s. I almost puked.


I’ve gotta say it. WONDERFUL DEAL. I am very computer savey… this computer is an amazing deal. Don’t worry about the refurb part… its really not that big a deal… and helll if part of it doesn’t work… and its past the 90 days… OH MAN!! sell the parts and make basically what you paid… The processor is worth roughtly 200… harddrive another 120 or so… mobo idk if you could sell that… the dvd drive another 30… I hightly suggest this product. (forgot to mentino the ram is worht a lot too).


Vista–The 4th Strike


it would cost less to buy this than it would to upgrade my old machine ponders