HP Pavilion Dual Core 17.3" Entertainment Notebook with 6GB and Blu-ray

So many computers. I already have too many.

Hey look! a real notebook!

This one’s gonna take a bit…

HP support page



Previous Woot


128MB video card? Entertainment??

LOL Pass

nice but tooo expensive!!!

Great laptop, just too bad i have no reason for one.

Look at that air mattress. Spiffy.

Is it just me, or is that actually a good laptop at a good price?

Oh good. I thought Woot! may have been selling a sold out Rowenta iron.

Search for video card problems on these units before making the decision to buy.

I checked on Square Trade for this a couple days ago. It was about $130 for a year.

I strongly suggest you get that warranty on a refurb item like this. Worth the investment.

Just saying.

Sidenote: The $130 rate was based on this being a refurb.

On my HP I just bought new, for $600, it was $150 for three years protection, including an additional $50 for accidental damage (meaning if I drop it, spill coffee on it poke a hole in the display, etc., it’s covered.

It was $100 if I wanted only mechanical and electronic coverage.

So that $130 quote I got on this would NOT cover accidents.

Also, I think the warranty on manufacturer defects kicks in AFTER the HP expires. So that would be $130 for 9 months coverage.

For me, I’d want that coverage because 1) this is an expensive computer; 2) I have heard stories of these going out on day 91; and 3) if it is going to fail, it will do so within the first year.

I’m going to agree with you on that. Blame HP and the other manufacturers for 99% of their computers having integrated, garbage video cards.

Very close, but the on-board graphics on a 17" … and the fact I want something very similar but at 14-15 means I’m going to pass. It’s also a little bit more than I’d expect a refurb for - but it’s darn close.


i have a friend in desperate need of a laptop, but I dont think she’d ever agree to a refurb.

Be careful what you wish for

Darmok and Jilad at Tenagra.

pretty much, if you want a pc notebook this one isn’t bad, I got one a while back.