HP Pavilion Dual-Core 17.3" Entertainment Notebook

Hp support page.

Not in the market for a laptop but those burgers are making me hungry

Is this compatible with 4 gigabyte RAM?

One would hope so, since that’s what it ships with.

Not a bad deal…unless you want it with BluRay, 500Gb, & 6 Gb Ram for $948 @ QVC. QVC makes me laugh.

It comes with 4 gigabyte RAM.

Also some benchmarks and discussions on the graphics card:



in my option this is a good buy because laptops are not meant for gaming anyway since the hardwares update so often. It’s sufficient for taking notes in class and watch movies and stuff.

duhhhh…64bit OS hommie…Now put ur gigz up!

Is it a REAL full size keyboard with a REAL right shift key, and not that stupid piddly half shift key that they have been using?

I would not recommend taking this (or any 17" laptop) to take notes in class. That is far too large to carry around. This is useful around the home and maybe as a somewhat portable desktop if going to another city for the summer or something.

Hmm, I’d think about it if it didn’t have an integrated GPU. Looks like a decent general purpose laptop, but a portable gaming rig, it is not…

Where’s the extra pictures woot? What’s the deal? These look like promo shots from HP.


I like everything about this laptop, including the price. My friend just bought the same size laptop and the full size keyboard is a nice upgrade from the standard keyboard on the laptop I am writing on now.

I can’t complain about the graphics. Heavy gamers do not play on laptops often, they have dedicated machines for that purpose, but for every day life and regular games (Sims, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, etc) it is perfect. (you can tell we have kids, right?)

The battery life is not the greatest on HP’s and they get overheated (we have two in the house). However, the 17 inch ones do not seem to retain the heat like the 15 inch ones do. I think the vents are better placed and the fans maybe more powerful.

I found a set of “balls” for the laptops that allow air to circulate, keep it cooler and raise the laptop to a more comfortable viewing height. (they are removable)


for around 2 bucks they have proven to be very effective.


This seems to be the same laptop offered by Walmart on 2009 Black Friday for $398. I don’t see how paying $90+ more for it makes it a great deal. This would have more then likely been a returned item, right?

Sorry woot, with no hdmi you can’t call it an entertainment laptop.

does this model have hdmi? some of the pictures i saw the hdmi is covered.



sorry, I didn’t see the above post. woot moves faster then the tubes in the internet sometimes.

The WM in the designation number means it’s made for Walmart. At Christmas it sold for $498.95.
Its still for sale in the stores, but not listed for sale on the web. I’m guessing it still sales around $500. I’ll call in the morning.
But here’s the sale at Xmas


Someone said they saw it for $398. I’d jump on it for that price, in fact I’d buy 2 or 3

big fail, because;

Another Walmart special refurb (G71-329WM Refurbished - Piano Black) is available at microcenter for $400


it’s similar, but definitely not equal…

And, I like this one (below) better, but only because it has a Blu-Ray ROM drive;

Pavilion dv7-3078nr Refurbished - Espresso for $660


Yeah, I know it’s a lot more money, but still…

I like it better…


Sorry, fail.woot, but not this time.