HP Pavilion Dual-Core 17.3” Notebook with Blu-ray

original price?

Seems like a bit of a ripoff, dual core and a crappy GPU. I’ve seen quadcore laptops for the same price as this.

Dimensions: 16.35” (W) x 10.8” (D) x 1.25” (min H)/1.46” (max H)

HP Pavilion Dual-Core 17.3” Notebook with Blu-ray

…run that by me again?

17.3" is a diagonal measurement.

I have 2 HP laptops that overheated badly. They are sitting on the table waiting to see what parts can be salvaged. Both have integrated graphics and one has a rolling screen & the other a pitch black one. ONLY 2yrs old - HP never again. Just picked up 2 good ones at DELL & I am typing this on a 4 yr old Dell that never had a problem.

Took them both to repair shop & they said 2 throw them away, that is all they get in is HP laptops.

Next door neighbor bought 17 inch one last yr and it overheats like mad too. It will be toast soon.

Hmmm did you really think your 42" tv had a 42" wide screen?

No Bluetooth? Seriously? Yeah, I know I get an aftermarket, but they stick out, and waste a USB port. Can’t believe it’s not built in.

The bluray and the larger screen are what make this a “deal”.
There are quad core for this price, but not 17inch with blu ray drives.

These laptops average in the high 4s (4.5-4.9 or so) on Buzzillions.

That’s quite good.

As with all computer and TV screens, the convention is to measure the screen diagonally.
The actual screen size is probably pretty close to 15.08" wide by 8.48" tall.

(See, this screen is a 16x9 ratio, and the diagonal is about 17.3", so a bit of algebra will bring you to the figures I gave.)

Not here in Arizona… no daylight savings time, so it changes by an hour half the year and I always forget which it is. Missed it by a few minutes. :stuck_out_tongue: Not exactly the end of the world missing out on the earbuds anyway though.

Picked up a very similar HP laptop a few months back from Amazon. It was on it’s way back in less than a day. The key throw felt weirdly wrong, and the ClickPad thing was so stiff that you actually need to use your entire arm to click the mouse.

Sound’s nice, screen’s beautiful, but HP’s weird interface skin on top of Win7 is an utter trainwreck. But the pad was the deal breaker, it made the thing entirely unusable for any serious work.

I purchased this about a month ago on woot. Packing was so poor it came with a dent in the top of it. woot could only offer a refund. the display seems to have a contrast issue and makes some items hard to see, have tried adjusting but did not help. Blu-Ray picture quality was good but NOT as impressive as my sharp 1080p TV. also the HDMI connection has dropped signal when just slightly moving cable. Have not used that much to experience any performance challenges.

Agreed, this generation of HP laptops was painstakingly terrible. Costsco stopped carrying them near me because 2 in every 3 people who had bought them returned them. My friend got 9 BSOD within 3 months (mainly due to overheating) but the laptop was on for <2 hours and not running anything but the internet and word processing. Not worth 5c to be honest because it’ll have to go back anyways.

Living in Arizona doesn’t make it that much harder.

When Daylight Saving is in effect: 10:00 PM
When Daylight Saving is not: 11:00 PM

At a bit over 1800 at passmark its a pretty fast processor for a laptop that should handle the needs of just about any user.

No it won’t be great at playing higher end games, and will only barely get by at mid-range fps shooters. You can see some of the estimated FPS rates with the ATI HD4250 graphics card benchmarks here.

As many others will state, there isn’t much faith in HP home sales these days, especially refurbs, so be sure to add a Squaretrade type warranty into the cost…

seems to have good batt life and has not got hot.

My wife and I both have HP’s and they DO GET HOT! I have had a to send both in multiple times for repair of various things. If you get an HP definitely get one that you can get a seriously extended warranty on… 3 years min… HP has always fixed our computers with no hassle, but you lose your laptop for a week and a half each time. Hope this helps.

I’m not a huge fan of HP and their bloatware anymore after buying an HP craptop a few years back and having a lot of problems with it. Dual 2.9GHz is honestly enough horsepower to run just about anything out there (I use dual 2.7 or 2.8 on my main rig), but $500 for a refurb with mediocre 4250 graphics seems a little steep. OTOH it does come with a Bluray so this might be a good choice if you’re wanting something to watch a lot of HD movies on the go.

Also, having worked with many flavors of small desktops and laptops over the last couple of years I’ll support the consensus by saying I’ve never met an HP that didn’t run hot.