HP Pavilion Dual-Core 17.3” Notebook with Blu-ray

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core 17.3" Notebook with Blu-ray
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Yup, see? I hesitated and missed out on a RED DSLR camera. You know how fly that woulda been? Shucks.

(Even if my current DSLR is technically “better.”)

Its got lightscribe bluray… what more could you want?

You guys that bought the camera… you need on of these to view, edit your pictures… get one please.

Yeah come one guys! Buy it! :smiley:

Thank God I have been hesitating, I have almost spent over a thousand dollars in a few minutes. Luckily the stuff has been selling out before I pull the trigger. :stuck_out_tongue:

NICE deal… But I’m not in the market. Buy it up, wooters-in-need-of-a-laptom, so we can see the next deal!

you know what… as someone that has never commented on a woot… i can’t believe they only had two of those cameras. I would have pulled the trigger the moment I saw that. especially for the white one (probably would have passed on the red… superficial like that!)

If the next item is a can of red spray paint, I’ll buy you 3.

Got to learn to pull that trigger faster… and just suck it up later… thats what overtime is for :slight_smile:

Never again… no HP computer for me, ever again.

I’ve owned three HP laptops now and I love em! I’ve only had one issue, which they fixed. The service department was slower than a one legged turtle running through a field of caramel, but, other than that, I’ve been very satisfied with my laptops! I’d buy this one if I had the cash!

Whoa… listed for 3 minutes. Gone while I was off looking for reviews. Ah well!

Yeah same for me. I guess since I’m not “technically” employed and that camera would have wiped me clean and I have other expenses to think of…maybe it was good to pass up.