HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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But these guys don’t make desktops…!

LOOOOOL at their story

Oh no, not HP again!

If HP is offloading stock, wouldn’t you have some NEW computers to sell?

This is clearly one computer too far.

One down, 49 to go.

First things first, get rid of all the ones that people sent back which convinced them to give up on PCs!

Good morning, have I missed bag of sweetness?

My vintage 2001 Dell just froze up. It would cost me almost this much to repair it, so I come out ahead with something much faster.

Plus I can finally get rid of the phone cord!

I picked this up on the deal.woot.com a couple months ago for about 50 bucks less and only 4 gb of ram and 650gb hard drive ane its been great for my office. I hide it behind the monitor since its so small. I highly recommend it


Yes, have a good morning and don’t check back. :wink:

Kidding. No they haven’t yet. Click the community tab at the top to check what they’ve sold so far.

you can get this same pc for 50$ less at tigerdirect right now

No Sansas either. How about a BOS–Bag o’ Sansas? :smiley:

Bag of sweetness?

Not a bad deal for someone who isn’t going to build their own computer. No you shouldn’t use it for gaming. No you’re not fitting any decent graphics card in it. Yes the memory is quality. Yes the hard drive is quality. The processor is fast enough and dual core will handle anything you throw at it within reason. Good for a college student etc.

Ah, good to know. Thanks!

Hey! That’s my computer! Also, it is awesome for that price. Yesterday I had 23 windows open at once, while I listened to music. I have never once had a glitch, a malfunction or a problem…and now that I’ve said that I expect it to die in a firey ball of firey fire. Maybe I should buy this replacement just in case? I actually am tempted to get another, especially at this price.