HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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And now we start over. Lovely.

No dice. Moofi and sellout.woot always have computers better than this.

dang… and here i was thinking that crap would finally show itself…

I would like you see the amount of desktops and laptops trade places please!!

Cutting Edge!!! for 1996.

Hey, at least HP has decided to keep their PC business. We won’t get flooded too bad with this stuff…

Woahhh. FLASHBACK Dude

Are you sick of desktop PCs bringing the WootOff to a grinding halt as you wait for someone to shell out a few hundred bucks on some refurbished HP merchandise?

Yes. Woot must hate me.

Does this come with a touchpad?

Time for a nap

NOOOOOOOO I was in the middle of ordering the hat/knife $15 deal thing and then this starts over.

10BaseT?? what museum did this fall out from?

this could take a while. maybe if it was $100 less?

Oh, look, this must be the cell phone with the weird-ass design that will never sell out that the Woot-Off Theme Song talks about!

Deja vu!

It did. lol

Hey! I have this PC except its the quadcore and its actually a kickbut setup. That is once you upgrade the graphics and power supply. Once you do that it is a very good setyp.