HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This ones only from about a week ago, right?

edit: 6 days http://deals.woot.com/deals/details/30c7d199-9543-4e53-bc6d-4ec99889b374/hp-pavilion-dual-core-amd-phenom-ii-desktop-refurbished

well it seems a little better then the i3 earlier
But not by much

Hold out for a quad core. It will be up soon enough.

And… i’m out of here… no BOC :frowning:

This is the real Woot Killer right here!



Tomorrow. Around 2-3 PM CST.

please buy it… sniff I want a laptop :slight_smile:

I was already in for one a couple days ago… repost means Monkey’s must be on bathroom break.

Its so people can get home from work without having to worry.

I remember when 2 cores was a lot!

Edit: Darn kids and their multiple cores! (shakes fist)

Dual core? Please…

yup thats the same 1


Woot killer! Gg woot off

anybody seen the crap bag today ?

Has anyone actually had success with buying a refurbished laptop or PC from woot?