HP Pavilion Dual-Core AMD Phenom II Desktop

The third core is a lie thus nullifying all course there-after and making the dual-core king supremo!

So it is handed, so it is flung!
Flings poo

It has wifi, so get it for the grandma whom you just bought the Wifi USB adapter for, and cancel the USB Adapter order. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess Woot must have had a lot of HP wares in stock… been seeing so many of them lately.

how so? I think this is definitely worse…

CPU is slower
2GB less RAM
no gigabit (actually not sure if the i3 had gigabit)

Tomorrow, around 2-3 PM CST.

How would double core compare to quad core to i3?

thanks all!

Yes. I have - refurbed quad core Gateway still running strong.

cant be more then 25 of these right?

Does this come with a gift crate?..

Just plug in the CPUs here to compare…


80% come on buy a couple more people. these are great stocking stuffers. You know for us hefty American’s that have big stockings.


I can never bring myself to trust refurb computers, especially without knowing which part broke the first time around…

I’d lean more toward 50-100.

i built a similar computer a few years ago and still im using it right now… literally! Very good specs for someone who just uses applications and browses

This makes a good linux server.

Won’t play Sims 3 because of the video card. Not interested.

if i recall the 1 earlier was 500gb and 4gb or 1tb and 4gb

so there actually about the same.

Will it work on my Mac?

Yes, my first woot was a refurbished:

HP Pavilion Dual Core Athlon 5000+ Slimline PC
You ordered 1 HP Pavilion s3401f Dual Core 5000+, 2GB RAM, 360GB SATA, DL DVD±RW, Vista Home Premium.

Still runs to this day despite being thrown down a flight of stairs.

I purchased 2 Toshiba laptops and 3 HP desktop (refurbished) computers off of woot and all are going strong after more than a year (more than 2 years for the laptops).