HP Pavilion Dual Core Desktop with 5GB RAM and 1TB Drive

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HP Pavilion Dual Core Desktop with 5GB RAM and 1TB Drive
$369.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Well, at least they haven’t produced anything I truly wanted yet…there’s something to be said for waking really early in the morning, but I wasn’t expecting another w00t-off yet…

lol take away 3 gigs of ram and drop the price by $200 and we’ve got a winner…

which will move like molasses at 3:30am.


It’s too early for coffee…must be time for beer.

I logged in right when that Hitachi G firewire drive sold out. I missed it by a couple of minutes! I love when the Woot off start in the middle of the night. I work these hours, so it works out great. Too bad when it gets stuck on a killer like this HP!

I think I bought this one last summer…I only use it when I have to print something…works effing great for that!

Still got that “42?” I’m finding a huge need for it :slight_smile:

5 gigs of ram? is this penta-channel architecture?


it’s in the link in the sig :wink: