HP Pavilion Dual Core Desktop with 7GB RAM and 1TB Hard Drive

7GB seems a bit random. Why not eight?

7GB of RAM? WTH?

probably because the 8th is eaten by the video card :smiley:

7gb of ram…since when do they come in odd numbers :frowning: i want 8 :frowning:

WOW. Awesome specs for an AWESOME price! Very well done, woot!

No blue ray? =(


A NEW computer on woot? I’m offended.

Beware…the main hard drive is a low power drive spinning at 5,400 RPM.

I wouldn’t recommend unless you replace the hard drive.

It looks like a Western Digital Caviar Green.

if you can even call that a video card.

the deal with the blu-ray, quad AMD cpu and ATI gfx card was a lot better. this is…meh.

7GB of RAM using 4 slots. So 2,2,2,1? So much for dual channel memory bandwidth.

Eew, Pentium.

Seriously - 5400 RPM? What is this, the 1990s?

wasn’t there a computer on woot a couple days ago that was far superior in processing power, blue-ray, etc., for just $100 more?

And before anyone asks, yes, you can add a better graphics card to this machine.

But you may have to replace the power supply as well.

I think this is the ugly stepsister of the woot from 3 days ago.

They are low power drives designed for casual usage and mainly storage.

But I don’t see the point of them, I would rather spend a bit more and get a faster drive.

This. You’d have to replace the 1gb stick to get the benefits of dual channel.

At this price I guess if you don’t need a super powerful computer and don’t want to build one it’d be ok.

But still…7gb???

250 WATTS???

Are you serious???

Does it even have enough juice to boot and/or spin up a DVD?

I’m sure it will just die if you add ANY hardware to it, or even make existing stuff run all at once (e.g. watching a DVD while running a background job on second core)…