HP Pavilion Dual-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core Desktop
$279.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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They seriously wasted that big of a case on a motherboard with a form factor that small?

Strange to see a full-size desktop case with an external, rather than internal, power supply, but great price on a budget machine. You’re obviously not going to do any heavy-duty gaming on this machine, but this is a great deal on a light-duty computer, for web-surfing and the like.

I’m not the smartest poster on the internet but why on earth would anyone buy the less powerful one for the same price?

Am I blind or is there no power supply in that case?

It’s external. It basically has the same kind of power supply a laptop has.

It has a DVI connection, so does that mean I can run this to my tv and use Windows Media to record shows? Is this enough ram, hard disk space, etc.? Will I be able to record in Hi Def?

I have never seen that on a desktop computer.
I think I will pass on this one.

This x100. Its like putting a lawnmower engine in a tour bus. Makes no sense. And that power adapter, lol.

Its basically one of those pizza-box netbook computers tossed into a cavernous case. :its a mystery:

Disaster this thing is. Very strange engineering HP has there.

Almost worth it just for the case :stuck_out_tongue: . The small form factor guts (with external power supply to boot!) would be great for a DIY project. In car computer anyone? It looks like the processor heat sink is a passive one too. Can’t remember the last time I saw a fanless CPU heat sink.

It is so cute… Why not just buy a phone or a minimal case for that??, it is a micro-ATX MB in a Standard ATX case…

Seriously. Who the hell do they have designing these things? It should’ve been easy to find a better, more material efficient design for the case with just a little effort. This just feels like they gave the job to a random mailboy and he decided to dig out a bunch of cases from an older, discontinued model from the back corner of the warehouse.

I can’t even think of a logical price point I’d grab one of these at.

If your looking for a refurbished Netbook motherboard, shoved into a giant case for some unknown reason AND you have money to burn, this is your deal!

Nice reviews at epinion

And it’s all of 65 watts. Holy cow! Look, it’s a laptop computer in a desktop case!

This should be one whisper quiet computer with passive cooling. Don’t expect any sort of gaming performance, but the integrated graphics are better than any Intel integrated graphics. This is like a laptop with the portability of a desktop.

Thanks woot for reminding me how terribly slow the internet was. Just the sound of that dial-up modem sent shivers down my spine. I promise i’ll never complain about my internet speed again, Until i miss a BOC because of my “slow” internet speed.

Remember who terrible it was when somebody would pick up the phone?

What an odd machine. It’s basically a $299 special laptop, without the screen.

It should be good enough quality for what it is, but how strange.

(edit, I did not see eco2geek’s msg first, he nailed that here first)

IIRC, this is a mini-ITX Pegatron board with no expansions in a mid-tower case (yeah, don’t ask why).

The e-300 is pretty anemic, but the e-450 is quite fine for everyday tasks and light gaming. These chipsets are in theory really suited to HTPC stuff like the defunct Element OS, but one of the problems is that the GPU hardware acceleration that makes the APUs so good have (next to) no driver support in *nix stuff. Could make a decent fileserver though…if it had a slot for a RAID card.

edit: I clearly did not look at the images, yes it is the mobo I thought it was.