HP Pavilion Dual-Core Desktop

It’s got a case fan mounted in the back, so it’s probably not going to be “whisper-quiet”.

(Edit) Here’s HP’s “HP Pavilion p2-1033w Desktop PC Product Specifications” page. (They do good online documentation.)

Note that the CPU is soldered to the motherboard, so you’re not going to be able to upgrade it, whether or not you install an internal power supply. Nor is there a slot for a video card, or anything else.

Will this run new Diablo, collectors edition?

I was wondering the same thing, why would anyone pick the lesser model, unless maybe the other was sold out?

Ironically, it would probably run it, if at a crawl.

Consider that the CPU is rated at 18W TDP, though.

Picked up a HP refurbished desktop from woot a while back…90 days in the power supply took a crap. Thing wouldn’t turn on. Had a local repair guy swap it out, he said the one that came with it was junk.

A client of mine got these without checking with me for an office network. I was not amused.

This is basically a PC case with a netbook inside, and without the benefits of either one. It’s not portable, it’s not powerful. It has no built-in screen. It has no real PC power supply. The RAM sticks are mismatched (a 1GB and a 2GB, each different manufacturers). It’s not upgradeable (no free slots for RAM or anything else). It has only one case fan and no CPU fan.

The keyboard is also very cheap (not the usual Pavilion slim design, but an old plasticy thing), though it does come with the Pavilion mouse. There’s also no HDMI nor any other bells/whistles.

This has exactly two benefits over a netbook: Dual-monitor capability and DVD drive.

That’s it.

The utter lack of inner hardware makes me nervous about these in the long-term. I say you’re better off with a netbook. Choose wisely.

Luckily, swapping the PSU on this requires unplugging one wire from the wall and another from the box.

ARRGGGHHHH!!! Too good to be true. Sigh. Any recommended PC’s for this. Something I can possibly find here. My dell just wont cut it. My search is pretty limited to about $500, if that.

Pretty sure Zacate doesn’t have a dual-channel RAM controller anyway.

tho i am very anti HP, woot does often have those quad core hps for around $500

I’m usually a fan of HP, having owned several of them over the years and recommending them to friends and family…

But this particular model is mind-boggling.

Why the huge case? And small form factor motherboard? And the external power supply?

Seems like they just threw extra components they had around the warehouse and created this.

If you encounter one of the Llano (A-6/A-8) HPs here, it can Crossfire with a 6600 series Radeon, and the measly 300W PSUs in them are enough to support it (though the on-the box specs would probably recommend 400W-- realistically even under load a 6670 is rarely gonna break 120W). Not the most powerful CPUs. Only 2 levels of cache, most of them are locked though they have turbo core, but enough.

Here is link from HP’s website describing the product specifications, breaking down the specifications of each component.


Probably the only good thing about this is that the hard drive has a rotational speed of 7200 RPM, which is nice because usually manufactured computers come with a slower 5400 RPM hard drive.

Not unless you’re talking about laptops. And considering the parts they use the difference in performance would be slight, anyway.

It varies from model to model and company to company. I have noticed lately a lot of the high capacity hard drives they’re putting into computers nowadays are usually 5400 RPM, like 1 TB etc.

Well although most wouldn’t notice the performance difference, I would. But I build my own computers nowadays.

Desktops too. Greater areal density drove spindle speeds back down (more data in less time), and demand for power-efficient computing drove them down further.

5400 rpm is the “fast” option on many standard-level drives today, and odds are the drive’s only spinning that fast about as often as you change your toilet paper.

The case is wasted too, there’s no spot on there for upgrades, even if you changed the motherboard. This thing should be ashamed of itself. ): I want one of those Core i5 quad core 10GB RAM PCs they keep putting on moofi.

If it had a HDMI out it would be a nice computer to put in a cabinet for surfing the internet on the TV.

Could this possibly be used in a old outdated VCR case to make a nonchalant theater system?

At least no one would want to steal it.

EDIT: I just noticed it was a refurb…ebay has 1 for $99.

EDIT 2: This laptop has similar specs


HP is usually pretty good about cookie-cutter cases, which usually have the ability to mod them for upgrades at a later point in time and as you said… this one lacks those.

I haven’t seen those, but I hardly pay attention to moofi… sometimes I forget its there lol.