HP Pavilion Dual-Core Desktop

remember team this is that bizarre computer with the laptop-style brick power supply. you will be extremely limited in your expansion options

Here are your passmarks for the CPU

Please look at the benchmark he posted before buying this computer. This E-300 CPU is really really weak. Like, netbook weak.

product page here

I like that its small-ish and use my Dell Zino every day, which has the same CPU.

*edit Dell Zino is E3250 processor, 1.5Ghz. and there are more pictures in that prod spec link I posted

This. Run. In the opposite direction. It’s a “get rid of these spare parts now” project given to an HP cube drone.

The big, powerful looking box is very deceiving. Crafty work, drone.

You have been warned.


Is the power supply really 65 watts? That’s not a typo? I have never heard of a power supply that small for a desktop CPU. The computer I bought from Gateway in 2003 had a bigger power supply than that.

I can’t imagine that anyone would actually buy this computer.

This makes me giggle.

This PC is pretty terrible performance-wise. It would probably be OK for web-surfing/facebook, but not too much else… Probably would be a decent HTPC, but I would like an HDMI output for that…

I would probably spend $400 on a laptop instead that would have a much better processor, HDMI output, and of course all the other benefits of a laptop: screen, battery/mobility, built-in wireless internet adapter, etc.

weaker than netbook, actually

Seriously, it’s nothing but a Netbook in a big box.

here the correct passmark, you had the e-350 it is an e-300 and it is 200 points or so less :!!! - I have a netbook that has a faster processor

I find this whole concept actually hilarious. I I’ve been given pc’s being thrown away that were more powerful. And that was years ago haa

This is the result of when you overproduce one part (the motherboard) and underproduce the rest of a laptop/netbook. It’s a cheap alternative to making more portable shells and unstead use off the shelf parts to make a passable workstation. To tell the truth, my company still uses Pentium 4’s and Intel centrino capable desktops as workstations with WINXP and though they may be slow by todays’ standards, they get the work done.

Edit: The tablet woot is selling today is almost as powerful and is alot more portable, but people do not think that’s a good deal either…

I wouldn’t ask this processor to power a free calculator in a McDonald’s Kid’s meal. Amazon has a much stronger product for calculation and it’s only $19.95


But that only goes to 9+9. I’m sure this will at least go to 100+100, let alone division!

Hay there’s enough room for a six pack in there!!!

You are 100% correct, and a pretty capable netbook too. I just bought an HP DM1-3010 and the specs are almost identical except that the DM1 has an E-350 processor. I have an HP slimline with AMD X2 4200+ processor, and it this is probably not far behind. Without a doubt it has better graphics. It’s probably a better performer than the X2 3800 HTPC I put together in 2006, and that still does everything it has to.

For a lot of people, this is plenty of computer for the web, an HTPC, light gaming, photos, music, a DVR (with USB tuner), general text/graphics/photo management, etc.

The graphics will drive an DVI/HDMI and VGA at the same time, so you can power your HDTV and a monitor if you want it do dual duty.

I imagine the only reason they didn’t package this in a Slimline size case is to keep the cost down. Considering what it is, the large case is about as much of a negative as anything. The one thing that is notably missing is wireless, but there’s always at spare USB port for that.

you can’t expect a super computer for $200, but for a lot of people, this is better machine than a lot of the off-lease Pentiums and old dual cores that are available today, at the same or greater prices.

Edit: Refurbished PCs do not qualify for the $15 upgrade to Windows 8.

My wife loves Win 8 on her x2 4200 Slimeline workstation.

Sorry to say but the only thing this product is good for is inducing buyer’s remorse.

lol wheres the power supply? Oh wait I think I can see a molex 4 pin powering this beast :slight_smile: