HP Pavilion Dual-Core Entertainment Notebook w/ Blu-ray

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HP Pavilion Dual-Core Entertainment Notebook w/ Blu-ray
$679.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP Pavilion DV7-3174NR 17.3" LED, 6GB, 500GB, Blu-Ray, 8 Cell, Webcam, Win 7 Home Prem 64

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Seems a little high for such a crappy video card?

Product Website

The value of the blu-ray is diminished when the screen can’t contain 1080p.

I might have to consider buying a laptop now, this seems kind of cool. Do wish the price was a bit lower though to make it an easier decision. Will be checking reviews and prices before I pull the trigger then.

Okay, I was silly enough to purchase the last Woot (the Auria TV) at literally the last second. Everything looked normal – $229 + $5 s/h – until I clicked on the gold button. After clicking, $16 in taxes was suddenly tacked on!

SINCE WHEN DID WOOT COLLECT TAXES FOR NYC RESIDENTS??? In fact, they even had a Tax Discount for Texas residents (code: taxsucks) so that the final price would be the same as those who didn’t live in Texas.

UIs this part of the Amazon takeover? i have never paid taxes on a Woot purchase before and am distressed by this. With tax, Woot often no longer offers the best deals.


a $229 item suddenly became $251 , which I didn;t notice until after I clicked. I’m canceling… merde.

17 inch laptop isnt good for school for those who are thinking about it when i worked in it at Lander University every one i met that had 17 didnt tote it to class because it was to heavy. i personally like 14.1 but wouldn’t recommend over 15.6

i wonder how that vid card would do with 1080p mkv files? been looking for a decent lappy that can double as a home theater PC outputting 1080p thru HDMI to an HDTV.

Is this worth it? I’m looking for a college laptop.

The integrated video and 8-cell battery on this computer is good for hours and hours of light gaming.

Listen, unless you enjoy pools of molten video card on your lap, I don’t recommend this machine. And it isn’t new. I really love woot, but you are playing laptop roulette with HP. They have serious build quality issues.

Well done giving a shout out to the UCB Theatre, which is always under-appreciated–although maybe that’s why they’re still so good.

Does this need a laptop cooling pad??

Not on a 17" screen.

No, not really. You can probably find a better deal on Newegg.

But it has HDMI output to connect to a 1080p monitor. It also has a remote so you can use it a BlueRay player.

Hi. My name is NightGhost. Do I get a quality post now? K thanks. :slight_smile:

I took the dive. I need a new laptop and this one seems pretty good. Wish it had a better video card, but I don’t do anything extreme. Going to have to find a good cooling pad I can carry with me.

Hahaha. One day I’m gonna beat him to the “Official Product Website”.