HP Pavilion Dual-Core Entertainment Notebook with 17.3" BrightView LED Display & Blu-ray

Oh lookie, a manufacturer’s website!

Never owned one myself, but I work in the Geek Squad at Best Buy, so I have to deal with HP laptops all the time. The trackpads on these things are absolute garbage. Between that and all the crap bloatware they throw on these things, I’d never buy an HP laptop, especially not a refurb.

Not good for games I’m assuming?

I have a 3 year old 17" HP and have few complaints, but I have seen 2 other people’s HP’s die a little more than a year! If you buy this, get the Square Trade warranty.

Here’s a handy maintenance guide, in case you ever need to take it apart. I had to take apart a friend’s whose fan stopped working and overheated the laptop. The cause? Her cat’s shedding fur clogged up the fan intake.


Bought this laptop on Newegg a few weeks ago for my son as a High School graduation present. He loves it. The speakers are above average for a laptop. It also has a cool graphic design and a nice keyboard. I’m not crazy about the mousepad, but he doesn’t seem to mind at all. I’d say it’s a pretty good value. It is a large laptop, though, and you should plan on spending $50-100 on a case for it.

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review: Meh.

The only problem I’ve ever had with HP laptops (that’s after I reformat it to get rid of the HP software/bloatware, so I agree with you on that) is the overheating. These suckers get hot. I’ve never had much problem with the trackpads though

Here are some reviews confirming the sluggishness and the crappiness of the touchpad.


If it were me, I’d wipe it clean or use www.pcdecrapifier.com to get rid of a lot of the bloatware.

Edit: Whoops! Looks like Blorg beat me to the review.

wow, I almost bought this computer yesterday (all the same except it was new and didnt have blu ray) for 550$. I decided at the last second to get the Samsung RV511. Same computer except 2’ smaller and has an i3.
Also the keyboard on the HP is the worst! look at it, the real estate is terrible. Such wasted space and cheap keys that looked like they were coming lose on the display model. They cram all the keys together and the up and down arrow keys are half the size of the left and right. You cant game with that. Also the power plug and 2 usb ports are on the right, ewww.

@jasonwatkins: What’s wrong with having the power and 2 USB ports on the right side? As opposed to the left side? Or do you mean the back?

When I was in grad school, I was thankful that my ports and power plugs were on the side of the PC rather than the back. The desks we had were not very deep, and there was a molded lip on it, so if I had ports back there, the laptop would have been in … well, my lap, instead of on my desk.


I have two 6 year old HP laptops and they are still perfect. This would have been the perfect upgrade, but I want backlit keys. I am holding out for exactly this laptop, but with backlit keys.

I wonder if this is any good for gaming or not.
May somebody drop a review?

I checked out the Toshiba Satellite L645-S4104 Laptop and would prefer it.

the one I got is on the left side, away from where my external mouse is

And now a word on the video chip…

HP ever considered re-branding? They may sell their items better with no-name recognition.

I have an HP (not this particular one) and I HATE the touch pad!! I use a portable mouse.